31 May 2012

Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint

Hi girls,

I've recently cast aside my usual foundation (Revlon Colourstay) for the more sheer variety of foundations. Over the next two days i'll be telling you about my two favourite tinted moisturiser.

First up is the Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint. Liz Earle is primarily a skincare brand so i was curious when i heard whispers that they had expanded into the world of make up.  The Sheer Skin Tint does exactly what it says on the tube, gives your skin a lovely uplifting tint of colour.

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The packaging comes in the form of a royal blue cardboard box (which i helpfully threw away...) and the actual foundation is housed in a squeezy tube which allows you total control as to how much product you require. Another subtle feature of the packaging is the little silver/blue reflex which are on the squeezy tube, totally unnecessary yet very appreciated and pretty! ;)

Liz Earle have aptly named this product as a 'Sheer Skin Tint', i'd place it somewhere between a full coverage foundation and a tinted moisturiser - enough coverage to hide minor redness/little spots, but not enough coverage to hide the monthly breakouts! ;) I have Normal to Oily skin and found that this foundation gave my skin a natural dewy finish and felt nice and light on my skin too. I found it lasted around 8 hours on my skin before i felt that my skin needed touching up. I applied the skin tint simply by using my fingers which gave me a natural light-medium coverage. The formula of the foundation is quite thick and a little goes a long way.

Being a Liz Earle product, the skin tint contains ingredients which are great for your skin. Borage Oil - this helps lock moisture into your skin, Vitamin E which helps protect skin against damage caused by pollution and the sun's radiation and an SPF 15. A foundation with ingredients to care for your skin, impressive right?!

The shade range for this product is slightly disappointing. It comes in 4 shades - Bare, Beige, Beach and Deep Bisque. I'm using the shade Bare, which blends into my (rather pale at the moment :'( ) skin tone nicely.

Overall i'm really liking this foundation, it offers a natural dewy finish and has surprisingly good longevity too. The Sheer Skin Tint retails for £21.00 for 40ml and is available from the Liz Earle website.

Hope you're all having a good week!

Felicity xo

19 May 2012

Japonesque Brushes

Hi girls,

Japonesque are a brand of brushes that i'm sure you are all aware of as they are highly proclaimed by both make up artists and beauty bloggers.

Japonesque have a variety of brush collections, from their Pro Brushes to the Travel Brushes, there is something for everyone.

I was given the opportunity to review a selection of the Travel brushes for you.

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Powder Brush £27.25
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Being from the Travel brush collective, this brush has a short handle. Very convenient for travelling, as you can easily store it within your make up bag. The handle is in sleek silver, with black writing stating 'Japonesque' and the brush reference number.

The brush itself is very impressive! Its fluffy, on the larger side and nice and soft against your skin - everything you could wish for in a powder brush, right?! I use this brush primarily for sweeping translucent powder on, or even bronzer if i'm seeking a little more of a bronzed look. The brush picks up product easily, and disperses the product nicely.

I've also gave this brush a good wash and can confirm that it doesn't shed, and dries super soft too. (little note: I wash my brushes in Johnsons Baby Shampoo :))

Angled Foundation Brush £17.50
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I've heard lots of positive things about angled foundation brushes, so was very happy to find this in my little package. On a day to day basis i use my fingers to apply my foundation, but have heard that using either a flat foundation brush or a stippling brush gives you a much more airbrushed and flawless finish, i'm in! I dotted my foundation around my face and then started using the brush from the inside of my face to the outside in little strokes. I can confirm that using this brush gave me a more 'polished' finish. It did take me a little longer than my usual slap-dash foundation routine, but i think using a brush is definitely worth it if you can spare an extra few minutes in the morning.

The angled feature of the brush allowed me to have much more control as to where i applied the foundation, especially around my nose and eye area. The brush is soft but dense enough to apply the product and gives your skin a lovely seamless finish.

Angled Eyeliner Brush £10.75
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Since receiving this brush i've found i've been wearing eyeliner a lot more frequently - namely the colours Smog/Darkhorse from the Urban Decay Naked Palette. Eyeliner is always something that i've struggled to use, i either get it too thick, too thin, or the eyeliner on each eye doesn't match, nightmare! So when i saw this brush i was determined once and for all to conquer my eyeliner trials and tribulations.

I find with eyeliner brushes that the bristles need to be soft enough to not scratch your eyelid (ouch!) but dense and firm enough to give you a good defined line, and this brush does just that! The bristles are densely packed yet still soft on your skin!

Overall, i'm very impressed with these brushes, they wash well, don't shed and are amazing quality.

Japonesque brushes are available from Boots both instore and online, and at John Lewis.

What are your favourite brand of brushes, i only own a few so would love any recommendations from you all! :)

Felicity xoxo


2 May 2012

Encaptured by Enrapture...

Hello girlies,

A good few months back, i won the Enrapture Totem Styler via Sharmin's giveaway on her blog. I've always been interested in the Enrapture styling tools, so i couldn't wait to start using the styler!

I know there has been quite an influx of Enrapture reviews in the past few months, so i thought i'd wait till the rush calmed before i gave my opinion.

The Totem styler is very different than any other curling wand thats currently on the market. The tool is customisable, so you can determine what kind of curl or wave you would like to achieve. How is this done i hear you cry?! Well, the whizz kids over at Enrapture created a customisable barrel, which has 3 individual heated sections. You simply use the dial to select which heat setting you'd like for each section. 1 is the coolest setting, and 3 is the hottest. So whether your lusting after loose boho waves, or voluminous glamour curls, you can achieve it all with this. Genius!

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The styler also has a clamp on it, which you can use without if you prefer. When i was experimenting with the styler to begin with, i used it without the clamp, purely because i've never used a curling tool with a clamp before. However i currently use it with the clamp and find it holds the hair a little tighter, so you get a more defined look.

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I had such great expectations of the tool and was a little skeptical about using it, just incase it wasn't as good as the blogging world was suggesting. However, i'm pleased to report that this is probably my favourite curling styler that i've used, and it totally lives up to the hype! The main positive to me is the customisable barrel, it enables me to create so many different styles with just the turn of a dial. Its very easy to use, and fun to see what kind of styles you can create!

I've delved into the world of YouTube and actually filmed a little demo of me using the tool, so do have a little look if you would like to see me using the styler;

So yes, i'm extremely pleased with the styler, and if you're on the lookout for a curling tool, i'd recommend you keep this in mind!

Enrapture also have another couple of products out, the Amplify Jumbo Waver and the Extremity Heated Rollers. They also both look great, i'm especially lusting over the Heated Rollers after watching Corrie's (<< click on Corrie's name to watch!) video on them. They may be next on my list . . . .

The styler retails around the £74.99 price and is available from Amazon, Argos and Debenhams. I admit it is on the higher end of the price scale in terms of curling stylers, however i do believe it is worth saving up for.

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