11 April 2010

MAC Help!

Hey lovelies,
Hope you're all enjoying this wonderful weather :)
I just need some quick advice from you, if you have a couple of minutes spare.
Basically i went into MAC for the first time last week and had a good look around. There was so much to look at that i didn't really know where to begin! So after half an hour of umming and ahhing i left MAC with a heavily swatched hand, yet no make up. :(
So my question to you guys is, what products from MAC would you reccomend me? I tend to opt for more neutral/smokey tones in terms of eyeshadows but i am open to any reccomendations!
I did see a blush i liked called 'Fleur Power' but i haven't heard a lot of talk about it, what do you think?
One more thing, i know this is super silly but if you see a tester of a product you like and want to buy it, but there are none boxed up then what do you do, does this mean they are sold out?
I'd be so appreciative if you could give me any reccomendations/advice.
Thanks girls!
Felicity x


  1. fleur powder is a lovely shade, my mum got me onto it :') xx

  2. If they have none left out ask for it, in most MAC stores their stock is hidden away, which is really annoying as the staff get so annoyed when you ask them for anything haha.


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