29 April 2011

Royal Wedding and New YouTube Video!

Hey everyone!

Firstly, i'd like to say a massive HELLO to my new followers. All thanks to the beautiful Jennie if you are not following Jennie's blog, which you most likely are, but if not, go follow her blog, its fab!

Hope you've all had a wonderful day. How amazing was the Royal Wedding?! Kate looked absolutely beautiful, the dress was stunning and Prince William looked very handsome too. :)


Seeing all the crowds outside Westminster Abbey and outside Buckingham Palace made me feel very proud to be British. :) No one knows how to throw a Royal Wedding like us Brits!

Oh and i've also uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel. If you fancy watching me ramble on about a few of my favourite products from April then click the link below :) . . . .

Have a fab weekend!

Felicity xoxo

13 April 2011

Blush Me!

Last week i was in dire need of a new blusher, so off i toddled to Superdrug to see what they had to offer. My local Superdrug has had a makeover on the make up front recently, the stands seem bigger and there is a lot more product choice and new brands are being introduced too.

After being uninspired by the Revlon, Loreal and Sleek stands i stumbled across the MeMeMe! section. I'd heard a lot of good things about the Shimmer Palettes and the boxed Blushers from MeMeMe! so after swatching the blusher i decided to go for it and buy a blusher in the colour Rouge.

As you can probably tell by the photo below, the packaging is designed similarly to Benefit's famous boxed powders (e.g. Hoola) Obviously this is a copycat design in an attempt to lure in customers, guess it worked!

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The packaging also holds a mirror in the lid, which is pretty useful if you pop the blusher in your bag and don't have a mirror to hand. Also included in the box is a brush to apply the blusher with. Again, another similarity to Benefit...

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The colour i bought was Rouge. When i think of Rouge i instantly think of red, however the blusher is more of coral-y pink. Its still a beautiful colour though, but in my eyes this is nowhere near a rouge hue! The blusher does have a slight shimmer to it and the texture/pigmentation is great too.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

All in all i'm really impressed by the blusher. Pretty packaging and a great product at a fab price of £8.50

Available from www.mememecosmetics.co.uk and at Superdrug

Felicity xo
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