13 March 2012

Glitter & Nude

Hello :)

Truth be told, i'm not really much of a nail polish obsessive, like my wardrobe and make-up i like to keep my nails looking neutral with a bit of glitz and glamour thrown in. So when i feel like painting my nails, i often opt for a neutral base with a glittery shade on top.

My two go-to shades are, Nails Inc's Basil Street and Barry M's Silver Glitter.

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Basil Street is a lovely neutral shade, with a slight toffee undertone. I apply about 2 coats to get a super opaque finish. As you would imagine coming from Nails Inc, this polish applies like a dream, non-streaky and a beautiful finish.

Silver Glitter does exactly what it says on the tin - totally glitterfies your nails! I tend to really whack the glitter meter up, and apply about 3 coats.... don't judge me! ;)

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Nails Inc's Basil Street £11
Barry M's Silver Glitter £3.99

Whats your go-to nail polish, or do you have a few favourites?

Felicity xo

5 March 2012

Get a whiff of this...

Hello girlies,

Slightly different post today, its all about my two favourite perfumes.

Its only within the last 3-4 years i've gotten into perfumes, before i used to be more than happy to spend £2.99 on a can of Impulse to keep me smelling sweet, then i discovered the perfume department in Boots and it opened up a whole other realm . . . .

My first ever fragrance was Chloe, by erm, Chloe! My mum bought it me for Christmas a couple of years back and i've still got a teeny bit left now, which i am trying to save and only use on special occasions. Not knowing anything much about perfumes, i made the stupid mistake of leaving the bottle on my windowsill, so unfortunately the metal part of the bottle has gone all mottled and horrible! :( The sunlight hasn't affected the scent though, thankfully! The bottle is cute, chic and down right girlie - quite reminiscent of the smell!

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I'm gonna sound like a right idiot if i try to attempt to describe the scent, so i'll leave it to The Perfume Shop to tell you more. According to The Perfume Shop, the notes of this fragrance are, Rose, Lychee and Honey. Basically, if you like feminine, girly perfumes, this will probably be right up your street!

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My second fragrance was also bought for me for Christmas by my mum (Christmas tradition?! ;)) and its the divine, Body by Burberry. I first got a whiff of this via a sample that i sent off for, consequently it was love at first sniff! As you would expect from Burberry, the bottle is stunning. The bottle is predominantly a weighty glass design, with a gold top embedded in the glass and a gold spritzer. Altogether, it looks very plush! The scent is in my opinion more of a Autumn/Winter/Evening scent, as it is does have quite a comforting 'warm' feel to it.

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Again, i've resorted to The Perfume Shop's website for the ins and outs of the smell. According to The Perfume Shop, some of the notes (scents) are, Natural Rose, Creamy Vanilla, Musk, Woody Cashmeran, Sensual Amber, Peach, Freesia, Green Absinthe, Iris and Sandalwood. That does sound like a lot, but altogether, it smells gorgeous!

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Both these fragrances have been reduced in Debenhams due to the 25% promotion at the moment, so if you're on the lookout for a new fragrance, nows your chance to catch a bargain!

Debenhams current promo prices;

Whats your favourite fragrance at the moment?

Hope you are all well!

Felicity xo
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