16 July 2010

Sun, Sand and Mosquito Bites

I'm shocked to see its been one month since my last blog post *slaps wrist*, as cliche' as it sounds - a few things had came up during the past few weeks which meant there was a slight tumble weed moment with my blog! Anyway, you don't wanna hear about that . . . but what you might want to hear about is my lovely sunny getaway in Madeira.
Yes, i graced Manchester Airport, waltzed on the plane and flew into the sunshine saturated island which is Madeira. (where strangely i NEVER spied any Madeira Cake whilst i was there! Weird!)
We stayed in a lovely hotel, the rooms were nice, food was delicious and the bar wasn't too bad either! I spent most . . . scrap that i mean ALL of the week sunbathing. I slapped on the factor 30 and basked in the sun whilst listening to music (mainly a concoction of Lady GaGa, Cheryl Cole and Example) and read lots of trashy magazines - sounds good right?! The only negative thing was the silly Mosquito which took every opportunity to bite me, bu i guess thats what you get when you visit a hot country, right?
Below are a few piccies for you to have a nosey at, they were taken on my sisters camera which decided to have a fit and break whilst we were mid holiday, so thats why the quality is not the best. My dad had some piccies on his camera too, so when he's uploaded them i'll pop them in a new post. :)

Me rocking my Maxi Dress from River Island pulling a rather strange pose . . you will see a pattern form . . .

The view from the pool bar area.

As you can tell we were totally not ready for this photo!

Tan comparison - i'm winning! Whooo!

How cute are the flowers on this piccie, the petals look like chandeleirs!

I have a couple of posts planned - a Sleek Contour Kit Review and a Xen Tan Review. Both are all written up and pictures have been papped - its just a case of putting 2 + 2 together, which always seems the hardest!

Hope you all have a nice and relaxing weekend!
Felicity xo
P.S. Thanks to all the new followers - it means a lot. *cheesy grin*
just incase you have a burning Q you need to ask me . . .
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