13 December 2010

♥ Monday Musings ♥

Hello! :)
Last week has absolutely FLOWN by, i think during the run upto Christmas the days always seem to go by so quickly because of the fact that it gets dark so fast and everyones busy busy busy!

1. I've been given lots more hours at work this week durig the run upto Christmas. One negative point of working in retail during the festive season is that you have to, or are assumed to be able to work during Christmas eve and Boxing day. Today we got told that we have to work on the 23rd December upto 11.30pm to get stock ready for the sale :o. At least i have Christmas day off, eh! ;)

2. 2 words - X FACTOR! Did you watch the final last night? I must admit, i was rather dissapointed that One Direction didn't win, or even get in the final two. :( I'm gonna put the cat amongst the pigeons and say that i'm not a Matt Cardle fan, yes he has a good voice but i don't think he has the X Factor. However, regardless of Matt winning i think 1D and Rebecca will still have big careers in front of them, just look at JLS! :)

3. This week something big happened, i saw the grass in my backgarden and the pavement on my close for the first time in weeks! As i'm sure you're aware the UK has had a thorough bashing from the snow, so its nice to be able to skip down the pavements and not look like bambi in the process! haha

4. I've been indulging in a whole lotta music last week. mostly to the tune of Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Cheryl Cole. I love all their new albums, especially Ri Ri's, i was hoping to get tickets for her tour but they sold out in like a minute, or something ridiculous like that. Humph! Oh and on the topic of Rihanna, did you SEE her performance with Matt on X Factor?! I thought they were gonna rip each others clothes off there and then, haha. Chemistry doesn't even come close!

Hope you had a good week :)

Felicity xoxo

6 December 2010

♥ Monday Musings ♥

Hello :)

1. It would be fair to say that this week has been somewhat . . . lifechanging/dramatic. Basically, i've decided to leave Uni and get a full time job instead, i'm not going to get too into it all as i plan on writing a blog post on it tomorow, but i just couldn't face another three years in education. As i said, a blog post will grace your dashboards soon about the topic.

2. The Christmas shoppers were out in force on Saturday and Sunday, not even the snow and ice combo outside put them off - thats dedication! I don't really mind working weekends during the run up to Christmas, you may all think i'm slightly crazy but the day goes by in a flash and before i know i've finished my shift!

3. I've been doing quite a bit of retouching this week, mainly to build my portfoilio a bit more. Retouching is a little business thing i'm working on, hopefully once my portfolio is developed a bit more i'll start doing more paid work. :)

4. My fave reads this week;

How cute is this photo! It looks like he's having a bath. haha.


Hope you all had a fab week and had an good Monday!

Felicity xo


1 December 2010

Change . . .


First and foremost, i need to get the compulsory snow chit chat out of the way! Its SO bad where i live, and i got the day off work today! Yay! A snow post may be up tomorow if i muster up the courage to venture out! :) Now onto the good stuff . . .

When visiting my blog you may have noticed a bit of a difference, if you are a regular visitor that is! Yup, Felicityxoxo has had a m.a.k.e.o.v.e.r.!

I opted for a sophisticated dark purple header dressed with a starry purple cosmic inspired background. I think you'll agree, it looks a bit more cohesive and organized. :)

Along with a change in appearances i shall be broadening my blog post topics a tad more.

I love the more candid/chit chat posts that are currently gracing various blogs but i shall still be a true beauty blogger at heart, so don't go thinking i'll be abandoning my beauty blogger status! ;)

I'll finish this post with this little fella to say goodbye!

photo from www.weheartit.com

Felicity xo


22 November 2010

♥ Monday Musings ♥

I abso-bloody-lutely love reading the 'Monday Summary' type posts; easy reading AND it allows me to be a tad nosey into peoples daily lives! Win ;)

So i thought i'd jump on the bandwagon and give it a shot.

After thinking of a suitable name for this feature i decided on 'Monday Musings' which i think is quite apt.

So heeeere we go . . . .

1. I've been SO busy last week with a presentation on Vintage Clothing due in next monday, moodboards to complete and a report to start too! I'm slowly getting there though, all i can say is bring on the Christmas break.

2. I started my part time job last week, well i had my induction anyway, my first proper shift in Wednesday. I'm working at River Island, i worked there in April 2009 - October 2009 and have gone back to work there over Christmas and i'm keeping my fingers crossed that they may change my contract to permanant. *crosses fingers*. During my induction they left me on the till on my own to serve customers, so i had to try to remember the process of serving the customers from a year ago! Thankfully i didn't short-change/charge anyone wrong. Phew!

3. My weekend was spent shopping on the saturday, and then having an X Factor binge on Saturday night and Sunday night. I actually can't believe that Wagner is still in, oh my god - who is keeping this guy in?! It annoys me that people like Aiden and Paige are leaving the competition whilst he is still in, hopefully he'll be packing his bags next week! However, i love Cher (when she is doing her rap style performances) and obv One Direction!
4. Its been bloomin freezing this past week, i desperately need to stock up on big chunky knit jumpers and thick tights. Apparently its gonna snow this week too, how exciting! Snow always makes me think of Christmas, which means - Christmas is coooooming! :)

Felicity xo


27 September 2010

Forget Cloud 9, i'm on Cloud 23!

Hello everyone,
Hope you are all fine and dandy!

Update 22/10/2013

I was recently contacted by Destinology, who have some rather exciting news if you are a huge cocktail fan like me...

Destinology are currently running a series on their blog about world famous cocktails, their origins and recipes. The first cocktail is the classic margarita and Matthew Soares, head bartender at Cloud 23, has helped us put together the recipe as well as some background on the origins of the drink

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sounds delicious doesn't it?! I've just arrived back from a late holiday to Turkey, and the sound of this cocktail is reminding me of all the tasty cocktails i've consumed over the past week!
A few Saturdays ago i braved the busy train and ventured down into Manchestaaa! The sun was beaming down and it seemed like the perfect day for good food, great company and a whole lotta shopping.
At 2pm we (My mum, sister and i) met my sister-in-law and her mum at The Slug and Lettuce
and had some munchies and drinkies, if you are interested i had the Grilled Chicken Wrap, which was super yummy, with a side order of Chips. I've never been to The Slug and Lettuce before but i really enjoyed the atmophere, the food was lovely and the staff were very friendly too.
After our lunch we had a quick look around the shops including Zara and Urban Outfitters, a lot of oohing and ahhing commenced but unfortunately i didn't find anything that screamed 'Buy Meeee!' theres always tomorow, eh . . .
At 5pm we made our way to the next destination, the infamous Cloud 23. If you are not aware of what the heck Cloud 23 is, then i'll happily divulge some information and my experience there.
Cloud 23 is a luxurious bar situated on level 23 (...hence the name ;)) of The Beetham Tower/Hilton Hotel. At 23 levels high the bar boasts breathtaking views of Manchester with its floor to ceiling length windows. The venue is so indemand that when we went for a sneaky cocktail at 5pm there was already a queue along the lavish red carpet to get in! After a little wait we were ushered into the lift and whisked up to level 23. After my ears had stopped popping we exited the lift and were greeted by a handsome male waiter who showed us to a table with spectacular views of Manchester, we could even see Coronation St from our table, embarassingly that got me a bit giddy . . . or was that the cocktail . . .
the view . . . .

After nearly fainting at the prices of the bevvies we finally decided what our choice of drink would be, we all chose a cocktail each - i chose Cottonpolis which was 'An explosion of fresh English fruit flavour. Spiced Pear and Elderflower play with the citrus tang of Tanqueray Gin. Finished off with a splash of Soda' It came beautifully presented and tasted equally delicious! After finishing our drinks and taking a few snaps we paid the bill and left via the lift we arrived in.

my cocktail . . .

If you are in Manchester i would definately recommend visiting Cloud 23, the prices are quite steep BUT for the view and atmosphere which the venue demonstrates i defintely think it evens the prices out. Admitedly i did hope to bump into some form of celebrity but i guess i was at the right place at the wrong time! :(

My experience at Cloud 23 was fabulous and if you have the opportunity to visit then i'd definately encourage you to go!

So, after a cocktail infused evening we swiftly made our way to Picadilly Station and caught a train back home and back to reality after a taste of the high life (literally!!) . . .

Felicity xo

14 September 2010

VICHY Normaderm Tri-Activ Hydrating Care


Today i'd like to introduce to you, Vichy Normaderm Tri-Activ Hydrating Care.

The sciencey stuff . . .

LHA A Loreal patented acid helps micro-exfoliate the surface of the skin for a smoother surface and uniform complexion.

Salicylic Acid Targets the pores helping to breakdown blackheads and whiteheads by gently micro-exfoliating the top layer of skin and clearing blocked pores. Salisylic Acid also has antiseptic properties to cleanse the skin to help stop recurrence of blackheads.

Glycolic Acid The most common of the AHA's is an all-natural derivative of sugarcane. Glycolic acid naturally exfoliates the skin and helps reduce the bacteria causing imperfections.

These three acids work in conjunction to target blemishes, blackheads and open pores.

Women 25-45 years with imperfection prone skin require a hydrating texture and for the first time Vichy has been able to create a texture that targets imperfection without drying out the skin.

A combination of Glycerin and lightweight Emollient Oils enrich the day care to offer a highly hydrating 24 hour texture.

Finally the texture is enriched with Anti-Silice to help mop up excess sebum for an instant matt finish.

Vichy Thermal Spa Water also helps to hydrate and soothe the skin in order to fortify the skin's natural protective function.

So, what do i think?

I have to admit, Vichy is a brand which i have never been aware of before, so before i used the product i decided to do a bit of googling to find out about their other products and the brand itself. I soon discovered that Vichy are a brand which are focused on Skincare and their products and services highly reflect this. Vichy carry an array of products and also offer a skin health consultation which can be carried out at your nearest Vichy Pharmacy.

After researching Vichy i knew i was leaving my skin in good hands. You may have noticed that this Vichy product is in my previous favourites post, so that in itself speaks volumes! I really rate this moisturiser very highly.

The packaging is great, the bottle is pleasing to the eye and the pumpbased bottle allows you to easily release the product with minimal mess.

The product itself comes out as quite a thick white cream but when the product is applied to the skin it feels quite silky on the skin and sinks in very quickly, leaving you with a matte finish.

I've used this product inconjunction with my normal skincare routine and i can see the benefits that this moisturizer has given my skin. I have Oily skin so consequently i'm prone to spots, i get them mostly on my forehead and chin however this moisturiser has minimized my spots and has evened out my skin tone quite significantly.

Another point about this moisturizer is its mattifying properties. As i stated earlier when the product is applied to the skin the moisturiser delivers a matte finish. This has been a big plus for me as it has kept my oily skin at bay throughout the day, i've even been leaving face powder out of my make up routine recently!

This product has really impressed me, and i suggest thinking about buying this if you have oily/combination skin as it has definately improved my skin.

RRP : £11.50

Available at : Selected Boots and Pharmacies.

Felicity xo

I was sent this product for review purposes.

7 September 2010

♥ My Go-To Products ♥

Hello :)

I never normally do favourites posts, for one reason; I tend to like a lot of products each month, so it'd take me aaaageessss to reel them all off into a post. Yup, i'm one of them people who likes to use different products each day/week by doing this i discover products i once loved and regenerate my adoration for them . . . . . however the month of August was a tad different, i stuck to a daily routine so obviously these products must be my favourites. :)

1. GOSH Professional Art Make Up Brush
I'm not sure which GOSH brush this is as it doesn't say anything on the brush and its not on the website either, which is very helpful! I got it for Christmas a couple of years back so it may have been discontinued or something . . . Anywho, this month i've been using this brush for a multitude of things, the brushes slightly curve in the the tip of the brush which is fab for contouring, i also use this brush for applying blusher to the apples of my cheeks and applying face powder too. Its a fab all in one brush for me and makes my make up application much quicker in the morning, rather than chopping and changing brushes every minute!

2. Maybelline New York Eye Studio 05 Glamour Browns
I love my neutral eyeshadows, i find they suit my skintone more than vivid rainbow colours, so when i was struggling what to buy for the 3 for 2 offer at Boots (i think this deal has ended now :( ) i saw this quad and headed over to the till with my other 2 products. To be fair i didn't expect much from this quad, how wrong was i?! Its fairly pigmented for the price (£6.99) all 4 colours when applied create a sultry brown smokey eye, the staying power is also really good.

3. Sleek Face Contour Kit in Light
Sleek is a brand which i would of probably strolled past in Superdrug if i wasn't a beauty blogger. I think its very much underestimated by people who are not beauty bloggers, which sucks for them as they are missing out on a fab brand!

The Contour Kit is simply amazing, there are 2 products inside - a matte brown contour colour and a shimmery highlight. The contour is highly pigmented and i would say its definately on par with the quality of Benefit's Hoola, the only difference is the price tag - Benefit Hoola £23.50 Sleek Contour Kit £6.99 . . .

The highlight is also very pigmented, and i mean VERY, i put a swipe of it down my nose and it was just a visable streak of shimmery-ness, so apply with a light hand!!

4. Topshops Creme Blush in Neon Rose
When Topshops MU range was released it was all systems go in the blogging world, and i too bought 2 lippies and a creme blush. The lippies are gorgeous (review hereeee!) but the blush took some getting used to seeing as it was my first creme blush. However now that i've got the application down to a T i've been using this blushe everyday! It lies on the skin as a coral pinky colour and when blended in you are left with a subtle coral glow. Next on my list is an Illamasqua creme blush, need to start saving my pennies!!

5. Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara in Black
I'm not going to deny that i'm a bit of a mascara addict, i think i've tried most on the drugstore market but i always return back to my trusty Sexy Curves. The curved wand gives my lashes lots of length and quite a bit of volume too, but the one thing that i love the most about this mascara is that it doesn't clump! You see, i have quite a lot of lashes which all sit quite close together and most mascaras unfortunately just gather them all up together into a clumpy mess, but the Sexy Curves defines each lash and really emphasises them all.

6. Vichy Normaderm Tri-Activ Hydrating Care
I was sent this product to review during August and have used it everyday since i recieved it. I'm not gonna say too much about it as i'm currently writing up a review on it, however i will say - it makes my skin feel SO soft after using it, also i use it under my foundation so my skin is left with a dewy glowy look.

7. Elle Magazine (random fave!)
This magazine has never been far from my side, i loved the D&G interview and there are some b.e.a.utiful photoshoots in there too, go chekck it out if you haven't already!

Hope you enjoyed this post :)

Felicity xo


2 September 2010

Ramble & FOTD :)

Hello :)

Firstly i'd like to say hi to my new followers, i get a big smile when i see the number creep up! So thank you. :)

I've got quite a few Reviews coming up and i'm going to start doing FOTDs and OOTDs, as i LOVE reading them!

So, i'll start as i mean to go on . . . .

Revlon Photo Ready mixed with Clinique Superfit Foundation
M&S Pressed Powder
Hoola Bronzer
Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara
Maybelline Amber Rose Lippie
I've been flaunting my hair au natural lately, basically i step in the shower, shampoo and condition then i simply towel dry my hair briefly and apply my everfaithful Label M Volume Foam and my sisters GOSH Salt Of Mine Saltwater and after some vigorous scrunching i simply leave it to dry and voila i have beachy wavy hair - with no heat ruining my lockes! Winner. ;)
Oh, and as you can see in the photo above, i've been opting for a centre parting recently too, very Kim Kardashian!
Vest Top from H&M
Skinny Jeans from River Island
This is my first FOTD so please leave lots of reassuring comments for me to read!

Hope you are all well!


Felicity xo

6 August 2010

I love Label M!


Label M are a professional hair care brand which are stocked at many hair salons and can also be purchased online.
I personally came across the range when i was having my routine hair cut at Toni and Guy, my hair looked volumized yet smooth and when i asked the hairdresser what products she used on my lockes, she replied 'Label M Volume Foam' and the rest as they say is history . . .

Since that fateful day i have grown quite a Label M collection, so i will quickly run through them and tell you the ins and outs of them all -
Label M Volume Foam £11.00

This does exactly what it says on the tin, it volumizes my hair with it feeling sticky or full of product. Also because the substance is a foam and not a mousse i feel that its so much easier to distribute throughout your hair.

Label M Thickening Cream £11.50

The Thickening Cream is totally different to the Volume Foam, instead of adding volume to your hair it simply gives your hair more body and creates a more swell or fuller look. So if you have quite fine hair and are after a little extra left and body then definately give this a try!

Label M Smoothening Cream RRP £12.00

I don't use this product as much as i use the previous two, however on the occasions when i have used the Smoothening Cream it has done me proud! It eliminates fly aways and frizz and also it can be used on wet or dry hair - great for girlies on the go!

Label M Ressurection Style Dust £10.00

This is probably my favourite Label M product out of the four which i've tried. You simply shake a small amount of the dust out and place it onto your roots, then massage/rub it into your roots to create a texturised look. The Ressurection Dust can also be used to simply give your hair a little bit of a lift if its looking a tad flat and unloved!

Although they may be a tad pricey compared to drugstore products i think that Label M products are fab and really do work well.

Have you tried out any Label M products? If not what are your favourite hair products?

Felicity xo



16 July 2010

Sun, Sand and Mosquito Bites

I'm shocked to see its been one month since my last blog post *slaps wrist*, as cliche' as it sounds - a few things had came up during the past few weeks which meant there was a slight tumble weed moment with my blog! Anyway, you don't wanna hear about that . . . but what you might want to hear about is my lovely sunny getaway in Madeira.
Yes, i graced Manchester Airport, waltzed on the plane and flew into the sunshine saturated island which is Madeira. (where strangely i NEVER spied any Madeira Cake whilst i was there! Weird!)
We stayed in a lovely hotel, the rooms were nice, food was delicious and the bar wasn't too bad either! I spent most . . . scrap that i mean ALL of the week sunbathing. I slapped on the factor 30 and basked in the sun whilst listening to music (mainly a concoction of Lady GaGa, Cheryl Cole and Example) and read lots of trashy magazines - sounds good right?! The only negative thing was the silly Mosquito which took every opportunity to bite me, bu i guess thats what you get when you visit a hot country, right?
Below are a few piccies for you to have a nosey at, they were taken on my sisters camera which decided to have a fit and break whilst we were mid holiday, so thats why the quality is not the best. My dad had some piccies on his camera too, so when he's uploaded them i'll pop them in a new post. :)

Me rocking my Maxi Dress from River Island pulling a rather strange pose . . you will see a pattern form . . .

The view from the pool bar area.

As you can tell we were totally not ready for this photo!

Tan comparison - i'm winning! Whooo!

How cute are the flowers on this piccie, the petals look like chandeleirs!

I have a couple of posts planned - a Sleek Contour Kit Review and a Xen Tan Review. Both are all written up and pictures have been papped - its just a case of putting 2 + 2 together, which always seems the hardest!

Hope you all have a nice and relaxing weekend!
Felicity xo
P.S. Thanks to all the new followers - it means a lot. *cheesy grin*
just incase you have a burning Q you need to ask me . . .

13 June 2010

M.I.A :(

Hello :)
I have a bit of bad news and a quick update/some good news for you!
Ok so, lets get the bad news over with first . . . .
Unfortunately my Mr Sony Vaio has decided to completely break down on me after 4 faithful years, basically it struggles to open any programmes without freezing, and the internet keeps freezing too! So i'm getting it sorted out tomorow, and if all goes to plan it should be spring cleaned and all sorted within a few days, also as its getting a good clean i think the computer technician guy MIGHT wipe everything off my computer, including my blogger pictures! So if my pictures on this blog appear as white boxes with a red X in the corner then you will know why!! *crosses fingers that this doesn't happen*
Enough of the bad news though, some fan-dabby-doozy news is that I HAVE A JOB! :D
*pops party popper*
Oh yes, after weeks of trawling through the Job Centre website and ringing countless shops up in town, i finally got over the
'Sorry we have no vacancies at the moment, but you can bring your CV in and we'll keep it on record'
one liner and managed to set up an interview with New Look, and i managed to secure a job there for the Summer! My contract is only 4 hours but this week i've already worked 20 hours :O Bring. On. Payday.!
Thats all my news i think for now, my next blogpost will be up as soon as i get my lappy toppy back, so its au revoir for now folks! Oh and don't forget you can natter to me on Twitter in the mean time as i will be stealing the 'rents computer for the time being, haha! - http://www.twitter.com/felicityxo
Hope you are all well!
Felicity xo

25 May 2010

Topshop Make Up

So i've finally pulled my socks up and decided to write a post on the much anticipated and talked about, Topshop Make Up.

As i'm sure you're all aware unless you've been living under a rock for the past month . . . Topshop decided to tap into the make up market and release two collections;

The first is the Core Collection - this will be available permanantly.
This collection caters for all your make up wishes, it stocks *DEEP BREATH* - Duo Eyeshadows, Mascaras, Eye Crayons, Eye Glitter Pigments, Kohl Eyeliners, Blush, Bronzers, Lipsticks . . . blah blah blah . . . you get the picture - Topshop have got all the grounds covered. ;)

The second is the SS10 Trend Collection - According to the Topshop website each 'Trend Collection' will only be available for 3 months before the next collection comes around, so bare that in mind if you plan to buy something from this or any other trend collection.

The SS10 Trend Collection products follow a contemporary festival theme,

Topshop say this about the collection
''think facepaint, art, ethereal beauty - and get set to discover your inner folk goddess"

Sounds good, right?!
This collection for me feels super summery, the rich yet warm tones in the trio eyeshadows look amazing, and very convinient for just popping in your bag if you are lucky enough to be going to a festival this year *jealous*.

Ooh and the Glitter pots look fab too, they look so vibrant and well who doesn't like a bit of sparkle in their life?!

What i bought . . .
I bought 3 products from the Core Collection; 2 Lipsticks in Desert and Brighton Rock and a Blush in Neon Rose.

The 2 Lipsticks have a great consistency to them, they are moisturizing and not at all dry, however they are still quite pigmented which surprised me (in a good way) as to be honest i was expecting them to be more sheer.

Desert is a browny/peachy toned Lipstick and it really suits my skintone, however if your quite pale i would suggest staying away as it may look too rich/browny against fair skin.

Brighton Rock is a fuschia hot pink colour. I think i must of been having an impulse moment when i bought this as i hardly ever steer away from nude lipsticks, so buying a hot pink lipstick is a rarity for me! I'm so glad i bought it though, the colour is gorgeous, its quite wearable and can be applied in quite a sheer fashion to achieve a daytime look, then you can pop a bit more on in the evening to get a *look at me* effect.
Neon Rose is a pink toned blush with a dash of coral to gain the neon colour, although it looks slightly intimidating and bright in the pan it goes on quite sheer and is not as vibrant as it looks at first sight. The consistency is a creme blush however it finishes on the skin to a matte finish, which makes it easier to apply. Oh and i should probably say, this is my first creme blush and i can apply it with ease, so deffo go for it if you've never bought one before. :)

Swatchey Swatch - From top to bottom we have Neon Rose, Brighton Rock then Desert.

Packaging wise, i'm sure you've heard this ten times over but how cute is it?! I think Topshop really hit the nail on the head here, its modern, unique and of a great quality > everything which Topshop stands for. A big thumbs up from me!

There you have it, let me know what you guys think!
Any Questions?

17 May 2010

100 Followers and Update


During the weekend i hit the big 100 :) yes, my little blog now has over 100 followers *pops a party popper* Thanks so much for following, it means a lot. . . . .

Ok gushy stuff over, now onto the good bit -
I think i'll be holding a giveaway shortly, when i've thought of some prizes and whatnot, so keep an eye out for that.

As this post is quite is more like a little ramble i thought i'd let you all know about my Formspring. For those of you who are unaware of what Formspring is, it simply allows you to ask me questions, completely anonymously! So, if you have a burning question that simply NEEDS an answer let me know, or more likely if you just want to ask me a random simple question then pop it in my Formspring, and i'll answer it.

I'll leave you with a recent picture of me in Scarborough to gaze over . . .

Lots of new posts coming up soon!

Felicity xo


15 May 2010

Olivia Palermo

Hello :)

Today i'm going to blog about one of my 'style crushes', the *never a hair out of place* Olivia Palermo.

Olivia is mostly known due to her role in MTV's The City, where she plays, sorry . . . works at Elle magazine, most people have a opinion of Olivia . . . generally its a bad one - but you cannot fault the girl's style! She looks flawless almost 24/7 and can make the most casual of outfits look glamorous.

Olivia keeps the colour pallete fairly neutral in terms of her clothes, and then really makes the look pop with accesories.
Exhibit A
If Olivia does inject some colour into her outfit she tends to keep the rest of it toned down, take the picture below for example, as Olivia's top is quite colourful and flirty she made sure to keep the rest simple - a black waistcoat, black shorts, black bag . . . . can you see a pattern?! oh and not forgetting the Marc Jacobs bag, the ULTIMATE accessory! ;)

Exhibit B
Olivia rocks the casual chic look in this outfit. On its own the blue stripy top and bubble skirt may look a bit 'bland', however by adding a statement necklace, and a mac with tiered ruffles and you have an eyecatching yet subtle look.

Exhibit C
Olivia gives a simple dress an edge by simpy adding a masculine style waistcoat, a bold black and gold studded waist belt and a fabulous statement necklace. I'm sure you can see by now, Olivias key rule in styling is - ACCESORIZE! :)

I hope you enjoyed this post, if i'm ever looking for style inspiration 'Olivia Palermo' is the first name i google. :)
Thanks for reading and thanks so much for following my blog - i reached 100 followerss today! :D

Felicity xo


2 May 2010

Update & Models Own

Hello :)

During last week i've been struck down by a rotten cold, which is the main reason for the lack of posts, however i'm feeling a lot better today and should be getting back on the blogging bandwagon from tomorow! :)

Before i go, i simply need to let you know some great news about the fantastic brand - Models Own.
Whilst reading the lovely Milly's blogpost discovered that Models Own were launching in Boots, i can already mentally see the money trickling out of my bank . . . anywho, it left me wondering just when Models Own would be in my local Boots store. So after a little bit of Googling, i found a very informative pdf file telling you just when Models Own were gracing a Boots near you.

I've already started counting down - 57 days :D


I'll be posting lots more this coming week, stay tuned! :)

F xx

21 April 2010

I've gone WILD for Wildfox Couture!

Hi everyone,

Hope you're all well and are enjoying this rather gorgeous weather we've been blessed with, lets hope the summer sun stays for a while, eh! :)

Today i'm going to introduce you to one of my favourite brands at the moment - Wildfox Couture, i'm sure you are all aware of them and have too been drooling over the clothes!

If you don't know about Wildfox, then let me give you one quote from the Wildfox website which will place the brand firmly in persective for you -

'She is a NATIVE HEART, She is a NEON LIGHT, She is a LOVE CHILD, She is a WILDFOX'

Yup, that statement solely presents the ideology of Wildfox. Wildfox stands for fun, love, quirkiness and fashion which doesn't take itself too seriously . . .

Another feature of Wildfox which really stands out for me is the fantastic and creative advertisements which basically reflect Wildfox's ideology - but in picture format! I recently came across Wildfox's 2010 Summer Campaign and was completely in awe of not only the clothing but the story which the campaign was showing.

The campaign showed various types of Barbie Dolls in a 21st Century revamped mode e.g. Festival Doll, Hangover Doll, Hippie Doll . . . ect. Wildfox are evidently poking fun at the 'L.A Stereotype' and 'Barbie' culture of today but in a non-offensive and kooky way.

Lets not forget the most important part of this campaign though - the clothes! The over exagerrated dolls in the advertisements wear some classic WildFox tee's in hot pink, whilst the 'Hippy Doll' sports a long pastel pink maxi dress with a flower print on the front, accesorized with a flamboyant black heavily rimmed hat with pink sunglasses - VERY Nicole Richie!! However my favourite ensemble from the whole campaign has to be the 'Hangover Doll'. The 'I'm Allergic To Mornings' tee is genius and describes that 'morning after the night before' feeling perfectly!

Take a look at the campaign below and let me know what you think about WildFox

If you want to look at the whole Summer 2010 campaign (why wouldn't you?!) then check this link out - http://www.wildfoxcouture.com/media/lookbook/index.html

Felicity x


15 April 2010

DIY Eyeshadow :)

Hello lovelies,
First of all, thanks so much to all the new followers, much appreciated. :)
A couple of weeks ago i bought an NYC Mosaic Colour Wheel in 'Pink Glow'. I had been happily applying it since then, however yesterday disaster struck . . . i clumsily knocked the blusher off my dressing table and it rolled onto the floor, i picked it up and half of it had broken off and smahed into smithereens. :( Gutted? Yes!

Whilst sat in bed last night, it got me thinking, why should i throw away half of my blusher just because it broken, then it hit me (not literally ;)) i shall smash the broken half of my blusher up, smash another eyeshadow up that i hardly ever use, et voila, i will have a hand made eyeshadow!
So this afternoon i set to work on creating my own unique eyeshadow. :)
Heres how i did it . . .

Stuff you will need.
  • 2 or more broken eyeshadows/blusher (any powdered product will do).

  • A Metal Spoon.

  • A Clear Plastic Bag.

  • A Small Container - to put your eyeshadow in.

  • A Sticker/Label to name your eyeshadow - thats the fun part!

  • . . . and make sure the surface your working on is covered with newspaper, as it can get a tad messy . . .

1. Firstly you want to empty the broken eyeshadows/blush in the clear plastic bag. Bare in mind that if you put more of one product in than the other then obviously that product will be stronger in the final product. I put equal amounts in of - No7 Eyeshadow - Comet and NYC Mosaic Colour Wheel - Pink Glow.

2. Its time to CRUSH! Yup, grab your spoon, place it ontop of the bag and crush that eyeshadow down! (be careful not to rip the bag ;)) When you come to a finely milled consistency then stop crushing. You should be left with a lovely new colour, if you are not satisfied then feel free to crush more eyeshadow into the mix until you reach a colour which you like.

3. Next, grab your container which is going to house your brand spanking new eyeshadow, and pour/spoon in the eyeshadow which you have just created. I used a Bare Minerals sample size container, as i found this was the perfect size.

4. Nows the fun bit, grab yourself a sticker and cut it to size so that it will fit onto the bottom of your container. Then think of a name . . . got one? Good! Now write it on the sticker and stick it on the botton of your container. I got a tad carried away and even thought of a brand name, heard of 'FJI Cosmetics' anyone? haha (my initials just incase your wondering!) I stuck the brand name of the front of my container. :)

Thats all there is to it, you now have your very own pigment based eyeshadow. Easy peasy!

Hope you enjoyed this post, if you want to ask me any Questions feel free to leave me a comment or ask me via Formspring :) http://www.formspring.me/felicityi

Felicity xo

14 April 2010

Review - Revlon PhotoReady Foundation

Hello :)
I know there are tons of PhotoReady reviews already, however i wanted to give my two pence. :)
It seems appropriate to say that one of Revlon's most eagerley anticipated products is the PhotoReady Foundation. Since its release oversee's us British bloggers have been waiting patiently for it to be sitting on the shelves in Boots and Superdrug in all its glory! :)
PhotoReady has now been out for a couple of months in the UK and has had lots of exposure via the media press and through bloggers. So was it just a 'hype' product, or did it REALLY prove itself?
Heres what i think . . .
Firstly, let me give you a bit of background as to what i like in a foundation. My skin is fairly good, i hardly get spots *touch wood ;)* or redness/blotchiness, therefore i don't need a heavy full coverage foundation. When i do use a heavy foundation i find it breaks me out and leaves my skin looking dull.

When i first looked at PhotoReady i was very impressed with the packaging, theres nothing snazzy about it, its just simple yet effective - transparent casing (so you can see the product), a pump to disperse the foundation (such a simple yet amazing feature - minimal mess/wastage!) and a semi-transparent lid (not much to say about this!!).
So, how does it apply i hear you ask! I find a little goes a long way with PhotoReady, i sometimes find that a whole pump is much too much for my skin, so i generally stick to 3/4 of a pump. I apply all foundations, including PhotoReady with my fingers, just because i feel like i'm getting a much more even application, rather than using a brush. This foundation IS buildable, to an extent, however i prefer to not build it up and instead pop a bit of concealer on where needed. At the end, i'm left with a light and dewy finish.
I tried to photograph my face with the foundation on, but thanks to my rubbish camera, it didn't really work! So you're gonna have to look at my beautiful hand instead . . . . the swatch isn't amazing, as i was trying to capture the sparkles in the foundation, i even stood next to a window!

The Glitter Factor!
Yes, we've all heard about it! Some people have been put off by the 'glitter' prescence in this foundation, which i must admit made me a teeny bit cautious, however i find that although there IS a trace of sparkles in the foundation, this does not make you look like you've been rolling around in glitter for an hour! Instead it helps the finish of this foundation to give off a luminous and dewy look.
This foundation will not be everyones cup of tea, for those of you who prefer a full coverage then i'd stay away. Personally i can't fault this foundation, it gives me just the right coverage and i can build it up when i want to. The sparkles are a positive for me, as they make my skin appear more luminious. PhotoReady will most likely be my 'go to summer foundation' and i'd give it 9/10.
Price and Where You Can Buy It From.
I bought this foundation when it was £9.99 from Superdrug, however the RRP is £12.99. Look out for offers though!!!
I bought this foundation from Superdrug. Its also available at Boots and other retailers.
Felicity xo

13 April 2010

TAG - If I Were . . .

Hey everyone,
I've seen this tag floating around quite a bit, so i thought i'd give it a go :)

If I were a gemstone, i'd be a Ruby.

If I were a scent, i'd be freshly cut grass.

If I were a pair of shoes, i'd be a pair of studded ankle boots.
If I were the weather, i'd be a glorious sunny day.

If I were a facial expression, i'd be a flirty wink.

If I were a car, i'd be a Black Covertible Mini.

If I were a time of day, i'd be first thing in the morning (early bird catches the worm!).

If I were a month, i'd be December, i love the festiveness and how everyones in a good mood!

If I were a place, i'd be Italy or L.A.

If I were a liquid, i'd be a good ol' cuppa Tea.

If I were a taste, i'd be Galaxy Cookie Crumble.

If I were a sea animal, i'd be a Dolphin.

If I were a food, i'd be a a Strawberry Cheesecake.

If I were a colour, i'd be lilac.

If I were a musical instrument, i'd be a Guitar.

If I were a flower, i'd be a Daffodill.

If I were a song, I'd be Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson.

If I were a planet, I'd be Mars.

If I were an object, I'd be a classic Chanel Bag.

Hope you enjoyed reading it, feel free to tag yourself and write your own version :)

Felicity x

All images from www.weheartit.com


11 April 2010

MAC Help!

Hey lovelies,
Hope you're all enjoying this wonderful weather :)
I just need some quick advice from you, if you have a couple of minutes spare.
Basically i went into MAC for the first time last week and had a good look around. There was so much to look at that i didn't really know where to begin! So after half an hour of umming and ahhing i left MAC with a heavily swatched hand, yet no make up. :(
So my question to you guys is, what products from MAC would you reccomend me? I tend to opt for more neutral/smokey tones in terms of eyeshadows but i am open to any reccomendations!
I did see a blush i liked called 'Fleur Power' but i haven't heard a lot of talk about it, what do you think?
One more thing, i know this is super silly but if you see a tester of a product you like and want to buy it, but there are none boxed up then what do you do, does this mean they are sold out?
I'd be so appreciative if you could give me any reccomendations/advice.
Thanks girls!
Felicity x

4 April 2010

NOTD - Barry M Mint Green.

Hello :)

I love Barry M nail paints, they have more or less every colour under the sun and for me they apply like a dream too. When i go to Superdrug or Boots i always have a cheeky look at the bright colours they have and mentally note which colour to buy next, at just £2.95 each they are easily affordable!

I love this pastel green colour, its on trend with the pastels theme for Spring and brightens my hands up a bit too. :)

Please excuse the rubbish webcam picture, i couldn't be bothered to go upstairs and get my camera! haha

Have a great Easter everyone!

Felicity x

Hello :)

Hey everyone,

Apologies for the lack of posts recently but i've been really busy with Uni work and all sorts of other stuff, you know how it is!

Hopefully i'll be putting some new posts later today and getting back on track. I have a few products to review and some fashion type posts to write up too.

Also, i want to film some videos next week, most likely hauls/collection videos and maybe a tutorial if i'm feeling brave!

Anyway, just a post to say thanks for sticking with me whilst i've not been posting and to say that i am still here and will be posting again asap. :)

In the mean time i'll leave you with this hilarious video . . . .


3 March 2010

An Amazing Giveaway!

Hey guys,

The lovely Sophie, AKA BeautyMarked19 is holding a fab giveaway on her blog as she has just reached 500 Followers. Congrats Sophie! :)

To enter, simply pop along to Sophies blog and follow the easy peasy instructions - http://beautymarked19.blogspot.com/2010/03/500-followers-giveaway.html

Good Luck!

Felicity xo

21 February 2010

Style Inspirations

I've seen a couple of these *Style Inspiration* posts floating around so i thought i'd tell you mine.

Cheryl Cole

Oh yes, the nations sweetheart Mrs Cheryl Cole (may not be Mrs Cole for much longer, eh?!)often takes prime position in the *best dressed* or *we want your style!* esque features, and rightly so! With her immaculate make-up, big voluminous hair (spill your secret, Cheryl!) and effortless yet glamorous style we all admittedly love the geordie!

Cheryl's style is rather varied, in the daytime she keeps it quite cool and casual but in the evening she vamps it up and adds the glamour factor . . . . ha ha, geddit?! As Cheryl has quite a petite frame she tends to stick to *cling to me* outfits and is often seen wearing skinny jeans with cute little jumpers/jackets. As our Cheryl is quite small she is hardly ever seen without her beloved Christian Louboutins, which boosts her up a vital extra couple of inches.

At night Cheryl tends to wear to more natural colours which suit both her olive skintone and brunette lockes, although she may surprise us one night and come out wearing a neon yellow dress . . . ok maybe not! She keeps her dresses short-ish, again to compliment her petite frame.
Incase you've been living under a rock and have never seen Cheryl Cole, or would just like to stare at her gorgeousness then i'll pop some pictures here. :)

Kim Kardashian

Kim stars in *Keeping Up With The Kardashians* a show about the Kardashian clan. The relationship between Kim and her sisters, her mum (sorry, mom!) and Bruce makes for great viewing! Deffo watch it if your into trashy reality tv!

Kim's style isn't a lifetime away from Cheryl's, she tends to stick to what she knows best; neutral colours, tailored/fitted shapes and is barely seen without rocking the smokey-eye look.

One of Kim's signiture make-up features is her flawless smokey eye, not only does this ooze instant glamour but i feel it also makes Kim resemble some form of cat . . . which strangely makes her look even more beautiful! Paired with glowing bronzed skin and a neutral lip Kim rocks the glamorous Hollywood look.

Kim pours her luscious curves into figure hugging ensembles with show off her much sought after figure and a bum which is slowly becoming more famous than Kylies! Kim knows how to make the best of her body, and boy does she look hot!

If i had to choose one word to describe Kim's style then i would choose *Classic*. During the day Kim usually team skinny jeans/leggings with basic tops and a structured jacket/blazer on top and not forgetting a pair of sky-scraper heels to parade her long legs! At night Kim turns up the heat a tad and often pouts at the paps on the red carpet wearing strapless dresses and assymetrical one shouldered dresses, which shows off her killer figure!
Below are some pictures of Kim for you to drool over;

I often find myself trying to find at least one teeny weeny flaw of Kim, but to my dismay she seems near enough perfect!

Thanks for reading and if you have wrote a Style Inspirations post or write one in the future then feel free to link me to them. :)
Felicity xo


13 February 2010

My YouTube Debut!

Hey everyone,

Hope you've all had a fab start to the weekend. :)

Just a quick post to let you all know that i have posted my first ever YouTube video!
Oh yes, i've been thinking about making videos for a while and finally took the plunge last night.

Its a January Favourites video, so please check it out if you have a spare 10 mins.


I've had a great response so far, and will be uploading some more videos pretty soon.

Thanks so much,
Felicity x

27 January 2010

I made Cupcakes!


Today was my day off and intended to revise revise revise but instead i got distracted and cleaned my room, stuck a workout DVD on and baked some delish cupcakes! (well i haven't tasted them yet, but they look yummy!)

I was searing online for a recipe but couldn't decide which one to use, so i tweeted that i was baking cupcakes and the lovely Milly (whose blog you should all check out > http://pearlsandpoodles.blogspot.com/) kindly tweeted me a recipe.

So i raided the cupboards, used an electric whisk, which ended up with mixture EVERYWHERE and made some truly scrmptious cupcakes!
I also made some butter icing to go on top of the cuties. :)

My mum tried to show me how to make *Butterfly Cakes* (hence the random cupcake) but i didn't have the patience for that and decided to just pop a spoonful of icing on top.
Now if you'll excuse me, i have a date with a Cupcake . . .
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