21 April 2010

I've gone WILD for Wildfox Couture!

Hi everyone,

Hope you're all well and are enjoying this rather gorgeous weather we've been blessed with, lets hope the summer sun stays for a while, eh! :)

Today i'm going to introduce you to one of my favourite brands at the moment - Wildfox Couture, i'm sure you are all aware of them and have too been drooling over the clothes!

If you don't know about Wildfox, then let me give you one quote from the Wildfox website which will place the brand firmly in persective for you -

'She is a NATIVE HEART, She is a NEON LIGHT, She is a LOVE CHILD, She is a WILDFOX'

Yup, that statement solely presents the ideology of Wildfox. Wildfox stands for fun, love, quirkiness and fashion which doesn't take itself too seriously . . .

Another feature of Wildfox which really stands out for me is the fantastic and creative advertisements which basically reflect Wildfox's ideology - but in picture format! I recently came across Wildfox's 2010 Summer Campaign and was completely in awe of not only the clothing but the story which the campaign was showing.

The campaign showed various types of Barbie Dolls in a 21st Century revamped mode e.g. Festival Doll, Hangover Doll, Hippie Doll . . . ect. Wildfox are evidently poking fun at the 'L.A Stereotype' and 'Barbie' culture of today but in a non-offensive and kooky way.

Lets not forget the most important part of this campaign though - the clothes! The over exagerrated dolls in the advertisements wear some classic WildFox tee's in hot pink, whilst the 'Hippy Doll' sports a long pastel pink maxi dress with a flower print on the front, accesorized with a flamboyant black heavily rimmed hat with pink sunglasses - VERY Nicole Richie!! However my favourite ensemble from the whole campaign has to be the 'Hangover Doll'. The 'I'm Allergic To Mornings' tee is genius and describes that 'morning after the night before' feeling perfectly!

Take a look at the campaign below and let me know what you think about WildFox

If you want to look at the whole Summer 2010 campaign (why wouldn't you?!) then check this link out - http://www.wildfoxcouture.com/media/lookbook/index.html

Felicity x


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