15 April 2010

DIY Eyeshadow :)

Hello lovelies,
First of all, thanks so much to all the new followers, much appreciated. :)
A couple of weeks ago i bought an NYC Mosaic Colour Wheel in 'Pink Glow'. I had been happily applying it since then, however yesterday disaster struck . . . i clumsily knocked the blusher off my dressing table and it rolled onto the floor, i picked it up and half of it had broken off and smahed into smithereens. :( Gutted? Yes!

Whilst sat in bed last night, it got me thinking, why should i throw away half of my blusher just because it broken, then it hit me (not literally ;)) i shall smash the broken half of my blusher up, smash another eyeshadow up that i hardly ever use, et voila, i will have a hand made eyeshadow!
So this afternoon i set to work on creating my own unique eyeshadow. :)
Heres how i did it . . .

Stuff you will need.
  • 2 or more broken eyeshadows/blusher (any powdered product will do).

  • A Metal Spoon.

  • A Clear Plastic Bag.

  • A Small Container - to put your eyeshadow in.

  • A Sticker/Label to name your eyeshadow - thats the fun part!

  • . . . and make sure the surface your working on is covered with newspaper, as it can get a tad messy . . .

1. Firstly you want to empty the broken eyeshadows/blush in the clear plastic bag. Bare in mind that if you put more of one product in than the other then obviously that product will be stronger in the final product. I put equal amounts in of - No7 Eyeshadow - Comet and NYC Mosaic Colour Wheel - Pink Glow.

2. Its time to CRUSH! Yup, grab your spoon, place it ontop of the bag and crush that eyeshadow down! (be careful not to rip the bag ;)) When you come to a finely milled consistency then stop crushing. You should be left with a lovely new colour, if you are not satisfied then feel free to crush more eyeshadow into the mix until you reach a colour which you like.

3. Next, grab your container which is going to house your brand spanking new eyeshadow, and pour/spoon in the eyeshadow which you have just created. I used a Bare Minerals sample size container, as i found this was the perfect size.

4. Nows the fun bit, grab yourself a sticker and cut it to size so that it will fit onto the bottom of your container. Then think of a name . . . got one? Good! Now write it on the sticker and stick it on the botton of your container. I got a tad carried away and even thought of a brand name, heard of 'FJI Cosmetics' anyone? haha (my initials just incase your wondering!) I stuck the brand name of the front of my container. :)

Thats all there is to it, you now have your very own pigment based eyeshadow. Easy peasy!

Hope you enjoyed this post, if you want to ask me any Questions feel free to leave me a comment or ask me via Formspring :) http://www.formspring.me/felicityi

Felicity xo


  1. haha that's cute, especially the labelling.

  2. Your new home-made colour is so nice!

  3. that's genious! i love the colour you came out with too. great way to find your own individual colours. i may be smashing some eyeshadows soon ;) x


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