22 December 2009

Christmas look

Hey guys!

On the spur of the moment i decided to create a glittery smokey eye using colours from my sisters Urban Decay palette (which she doesn't know i used . . . thanks/sorry Nic, if you're reading this >.<) anywho, i've took some pictures of the look, which you can find below. Apologies for the rubbish quality of the pictures - i took them quickly on my webcam.
As you all know, blogger is useless for uploading pictures on, so if the picture above comes up teeny then i apologize!
I may make a YouTube tutorial on this tomorow, if i have enough time; gotta go into town and finish my xmas shopping first, eeek! I'll most likely film the tutorial on my camera, so the quality will be a lot better than the pictures. :)
Let me know what you think,

Felicity xo

21 December 2009

Jingle Bell Rock!

Hello lovelies!

Todays topic - Christmas Shopping

I've just got back from Christmas shopping in town and lemme tell you, i am NEVER leaving my christmas shopping until last minute again! A combination of icy paths and stressy shoppers is not a good scenario! Anyway, i'm home now with a cuppa watching Hollyoaks - blisss!
I've not quite finished all my shopping yet and need to get a few more bits and bobs, then i can make them all look purdy with bows and tape galore!

Have you finished all your shopping yet, or are you braving the rowdy shoppers too?!

Sorry for the short post, i'm knackered!

Felicity x

18 December 2009

Walking In A Winter Wonderland!

Hello all! :)

So as you all know, CHRISTMAS IS COMING! One week today infact, pretty exciting, huh?!

From now until christmas i will be making one post per day about all things Christmassy.

Todays topic is - Christmas Songs.

I absolutely love Christmas songs, to me when the shops start playing Christmas songs then that makes it official that the festive season is around the corner.

My favourite Christmas songs of all time are -

Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You

Wham - Last Christmas

The Pogues - Fairytale Of New York

Wizzard - I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday

Santa Baby . . . . not sure who songs it >.<

and a not so traditional choice . . . . The Saturdays - Winter Wonderland (the girls did a fantastic version on this song on the Live Lounge)

What are your favourite Christmas Songs?

Along with my Christmas posts i will be posting OOTDs and other random stuff too seeing as i have my camera now. :D

Until tomorow,

23 October 2009

Yes, i'm ALIVE!

Hey girls,

Hope you've not all forgotten about me! Its been a hectic few weeks.

As many of you may be aware, i started University at the start of this month and i'm loving it! I spent all of Freshers week partying the night away and sleeping the day. After a fun yet hectic Freshers week i was raring to start some actual lectures and was excited to carry out something productive. However my hopes were pushed aside when i contracted the dreaded Swine Flu! I felt like death all last week - its just like the normal flu but add in the Tamiflu and it makes you feel ten times worse, i actually think the Tamiflu caused me more harm than good! Anyway, 1 week of daytime tv, sleeping and hardly eating i'm back to normal, bar a chesty cough and the sniffles. ;) I attended this weeks lectures and i am really enjoying the course, and the people seem lovely too - although i have got lost a few times around campus!

Again, this is just a quick post to let you all know i am here and i am keeping upto date with all your blogs/YT vids. Usual blogging will commence from me soon - promise!

Felicity xo

17 September 2009

Ins and Outs *4

Hey :)


* 15 days until Uni - YAY!
* Xmas temp interview @ Boots :)
* Lookbook - Seriously, it's like my drug! haha
* Twilight books - I'm not really a book type of person but i love this saga. :)
* Autumn - My fave season, it gives me an excuse to drink hot chocolate and wear big cosy warm jumpers.
* Maybelline's Pulse Perfection Mascara - I know this has had mixed reviews but i love it, it is very overpriced though @ £14.99 :o


* Student Finance - If you follow me on twitter you'll of probably of heard me banging on about them, 15 days to go and no tuition fee's/grants/income assessed loan. :( Sort it out SLC!!!!
* My hair colour - Its gone a light brown/auburny and i hate it, i'm gonna buy a home dye kit from Boots next week. :)
* Facebook Stalkercheck app - I don't like looking on peoples profiles now! lol
* Finishing work soon and living off my loan - Goodbye money. :(

13 September 2009

Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara

Hola! :)

Sorry i've been MIA recently, been pretty uninspired and had camera issues too, BUT don't worry because i'm back and better than ever! :)

Most of you be aware of the Maybelline event which took place on Thursday in Hammersmith. Due to financial issues/other engagements i couldn't attend, which i was super upset about because i was really looking forward to meeting everyone and learning about the brand itself and the new products which Maybelline have recently launched (Colour Sensational l/s and the Pulse Perfection Mascara).

However, Natalie from Headstream PR who organized the event with Maybelline was kind enough to send me a few of the products to try out.

In this post i'll be nattering about the Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara > What a name!

Mascara is my number one favourite beauty item, without it i feel naked, so this mascara had a lot to prove!

So when i finally managed to get the mascara out of the packaging i started prodding and pulling it to try and get it to vibrate, my excitement of owning a vibrating mascara had obviously taken over by then! 10 minutes later i STILL couldn't get it to vibrate, i re-read the instructions but to be honest i don't think they are very clear, it says -
  • Start - Pull plastic tab to remove completely then discard.

Now, to me a "plastic tab" is actual plastic, so i instantly looked at the top of the mascara to find the plastic section (where the battery is enclosed) i couldn't see a "tab", in hope of finding some clearer instructions i logged onto the Maybelline website and found an all singing, all dancing (ok maybe not!) demonstration on how to activate the vibrations and it turns out all i needed to do was remove the sticker which was around the battery section of the mascara! A sticker is not the same as a "plastic tab" in my books, but hey ho, what can you do! :)

Moving swiftly on . . . .

In terms if packaging i think it looks good, but it's nothing special but to be honest, a vibrating mascara kind of sells itself - you hardly need fancy packaging to intice people further! I've noticed that the American version of the Pulse Perfection mascara has a black top instead to enclose the battery, while us UK buyers have the transparent top. I personally think the black top looks more professional and less intimidating!

I used this mascara for work this morning and i really like it! I find that with just 2 coats i can achieve noticably volumized and lengthened lashes and the vibrations are easy to control and handle. My all-time favourite mascara is Rimmel's Sexy Curves Mascara, it's an item which i re-purchase time after time. So how does the Pulse Perfection compare? Well in my opinion i think the Pulse Perfection is definately on the same wave length, but for £14.99 so it should be!

Is it really worth it, or is it just a gimmick? I do love this mascara and will very much enjoy using it, but i don't think i will re-purchase as i cannot justify paying out £14.99 for a mascara when a £7.99 Rimmel Sexy Curves can do a similar job, i think this product is overpriced and think that because of this it will not get the exposure it deserves, it IS a good mascara but in my books it isn't worth the rather hefty price tag!

A vibrating mascara, whatever will they think of next, a roll on foundation? . . . . . oh wait!

Felicity xo


1 September 2009

Style Idol - Kim Kardashian

Hello, : )

Okies, so this isn't gonna be a beauty post as such, its going to be a more fashion/candid post.
I'm starting a new series of posts called "Style Idol" < genius eh, AND it rhymes!
Style Idol posts will consist of me posting about my Style Inspirations or people i simply admire.

My first Style Idol is *drum roll* . . . . the gorgeous Kim Kardashian!

Embarrasingly, i've only just started watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians (i'm currently on Season 1 Episode 4) but i'm loving Kim's look, i've been researching her on the t'internet and love how she conveys quite an elegant yet chic look. Kim tends to keep to neutral colours which she knows suit her complexion, when Kim does inject some colour into her outifts its usually by a slick of red lipstick to make her outfit pop!

In terms of make-up Kim sticks to the tried and tested smokey eye look, with lashings of eyeliner to really intesify her peepers! Kim keeps the rest of her face neutral with a nude lip. Occasionally though Kim switches things up by letting her lips do the talking with a striking rouge red!

Feel free to use post your own "Style Idol" series, hey maybe it could become a tag?!

Hope your all well!

Felicity xo


31 August 2009

I think you're an awesome girl . . .

I was tagged by the lovely Sarah at http://littlemisslou89.blogspot.com/ I love her blog, go check it out!

Give 10 random facts about yourself and then tag 10 blogs.

10 Random Facts

1. I love listening to girlbands, Girls Aloud, The Saturdays, Sugababes i love them all!

2. I have a twinnie called Nichola (non-identical)

3. When i was younger i was obsessed with TV Game/Quiz shows - The Crystal Maze, Catchphrase, Gladiators . . .

4. Cheryl Cole once waved at me even though no-one believes me!!

5. I'm a Reality TV junkie - Any trashy programmes on MTV/E! then i'll watch it!

6. I have super tiny feet - Narrow size 3, so i find it really hard to find pretty shoes that fit.

7. Jelly and Oranges are two of my most hated foods, ugh grosss!

8. I have a beautiful cat called Jessie, who is simply adorable!

9. When i was younger i used to love dancing, but i kinda grew out of it but i plan to join the Dance Society at Uni. :)

10. Legally Blonde is my fave film EVER!

The 10 blogs i tag are -

Nichola (twinnie) @ http://diaryofnicole.blogspot.com/

Teri @ http://makeupbydollymix.blogspot.com/

Tabitha @ http://tabitha-sheridan.blogspot.com/

Fae @ http://ohmyskele.blogspot.com/

Holly @ http://dollymix184.blogspot.com/

Jess @ http://xopaintmyface.blogspot.com/

Louise @ http://lmdpassion.blogspot.com/

Laura @ http://hazelxeyes15.blogspot.com/

Becca @ http://doinseygirl.blogspot.com/

Krystle @ http://krystledawn19.blogspot.com/

Ins and Outs *3

Hey lovelies,

Sorry for not posting in what seems like forever, my bad! :P


* Hitting 50 Subscribers, not literally hitting them . . . you know what i mean! lol

* Uni in 32 days - So far i've bought a wooden spoon, spatula thing and some paper . . . i think i need to go shopping!

* My skin clearing up! Yay, goodbye angry spots *waves* :)

* X Factor - I lurve X Factor, firstly because of Cheryl Cole and secondly because of the talent this year, tis ace!

* Hollyoaks - Ok, so, some of the acting is pretty shocking BUT its a great way to wind down and the guys in it are hot hot hot! Calvin <3

* Finishing work next month! Yayyyyy! :)


* The Weather - Typical British answer, eh! Seriously though, i went to work yesterday and it was gloriously sunny so i didn't bring a jacket and just went in my work t-shirt, 3pm comes along (when i finished work) and it was cloudy, rainy and freezing cold - i swear i nearly catched pneumonia at the bus stop!

* Spotify messages - To be honest i don't care that your Jonathan from Spotify, play my music!

* Student Finance. They always manage to cock up everything! Grrrr!

Felicity xo

26 August 2009

Bronzing Beauties

Hey girls,

I've not got a memory card thing for my camera yet so no pictures until then! Should be getting one asap :)

Bronzers are a daily must-do in make make-up routine, if i don't apply my Hoola then i feel pasty and just yuck!

One of my favourite Bronzers is Benefits Hoola, i must admit i was inticed by the packaging of this product BUT i had heard some fab things about it too, so it was a win win situation! Since that fateful day Hoola has been a part of my life, adding an instant glow to me every morning.

A few days ago i was rooting around in my drawers and found Boots' 17 Bronzing Pearls, i only bought this product as it was on offer for Buy One Get One Free and to be honest i didn't have very high expectations of it but i thought it'd do for a back-up or spare . . . . at this point i'd like to apologize, i completely judged this product as it was a drugstore own brand and thought it wouldn't be anywhere near as good as my beloved Hoola.

How. Wrong. Was. I?! For £3 you get a fair amount of product, which does not turn you into an oompa loompa, i think this is due to the three pearls being a series of Terracotta, Beige and Brown. I've been wearing this regularly and i love it and would definately compare it to Hoola. Plus at £4.39 its purse friendly too, compared to Hoolas £22.50 hefty price tag!

I'll definately be checking out the 17 range at Boots as i feel there are some great gems there, for great prices! Check out the range @ http://www.boots.com/en/17/
UK residents - Don't forget your Boots Advanatge Card!
Until next time,
Felicity xo

25 August 2009

Haircare Routine

Hey everyone!

I've noticed a few people posting there hair/skin care routines so i thought i'd jump on the bandwagon too!

At the moment i'm using Aussie's Real Volume shampoo. I wash my hair everyday because it gets very greasy at the roots and looks really lanky if i don't wash it daily. I only need to use a 50p sized amount as my hair is quite short. The product lathers up quickly and smells lovely too! It also does what it says on the tin and adds noticeable volume and makes my hair smooth and soft.

At the moment i do not use conditioner daily as i find most of them make my hair greasy and lanky. Although if i feel my hair is brittle/dry i will give it a quick condition just to add some moisutre back into it. For conditioner i use Herbal Essences, when needed.

Hair Mousse
I like my hair to be quite big and volumized so along with the volumized shampoo i also use VO5's Mega Hold Styling Mousse. After shampooing and rinsing i then roughly towel dry my hair then apply one pump of this all over my hair from root to tip. Although it says on the directions of this mousse that you should comb the product through, i don't, i think it gives my hair a more textured finish if i just work the mousse through my hair with my hands.

After blow-drying and straightening . . .

Toni & Guy Defining Wax for Defined Texture
To hold my hair in place and to make sure it doesn't fall flat i work through some hair wax. I used to use hairspray instead but found it didn't give my hair any texture, and made it feel crispy. To use this product i will finish off my hair by taking some of the product between my palms and simply tipping my head upside down then i work the product through my hair from root to tip, bring my head back up and roughly style my hair back into shape.

So thats my hair care routine, i like my hair to be volumized and thats the method i use.

24 August 2009

Question Time

The lavely Ella tagged everyone to do this

1. What is your favourite item of clothing?
I love a good fitting pair of jeans but my favourite item of clothing that i own is my zebra print dress, i'm aware that animal prints can look skanky and cheap but it's honestly gorgeous, infact i may do a post on it tomorow! :)

2. What are your biggest obsessions?
Fashion and Beauty! Duh!

3. Who inspires you?
Family and Cheryl Cole i think its great how she's grown from a young naive teenage popstar into a stylish, media savvy young woman who has the whole world at her feet.

4. Who is your favourite designer and why?
Chanel! No hesitation, i love the whole classic look it conveys.

5. What is your favourite song ever?
EVER?! Ok this is a hard one . . . . . i'd probably say Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway or Girls Aloud - Call The Shots

6. What is your favourite song right now?
Theres no way i can pick just one, so heres two! :)
The Saturdays - Forever Is Over - Dancey, Sing-alongy and just amazing, whats not to love! Go YouTube it. :)
Kristinia DeBarge - Goodbye - Hey hey hey GOODBYE! Freakin' love it! A real girly anthemic song.

7. If you were a sweetie what would you be?
A Haribo Love Heart

8. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet- what words would describe your rainbow?
British Telephone Box(random much?!), Street Lights, The Sun, Green Green Grass, Cloudless Sky, Dynamic, Luxury. Gosh, that was harder than it looks!

9. What's your favourite film?
Mean Girls, Chicago annnd Legally Blonde :) All chick flicks!

10. Who's your favourite actor?
Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp

11. If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?
Italy :)

12. What are your 3 favourite smells?
Vanilla, Coconut and Mums Cooking!

13. What are your 3 favourite tastes?
Galaxy Chocolate, Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake and Original Pringles.

14. What is your most treasured possession?
Photos and other childhood bits n bobs.

15. What did you always want to be/ do when you grew up?
I actually can't remember haha!

16. If you were an ice-cream what flavour would you be?
Raspberry Ripple baby!

17. If someone made a short film of your life, who would play you?
Cheryl Cole, i'm aware she looks nothing like me but i love her. :) and she's unlawfully gorgeous.

18. What would your perfect afternoon consist of?
An unlimited amount of money > Trafford Centre > lovely meal with friends and family

19. If you were a flower, what would you be?
I'm not really a flower person so probably a traditional Rose.

20. Tell me a random thing....be it your favourite line from a song, scene from a movie or quote from a book.....tell me about something that you love.....
Elles lines from Legally Blonde always crack me up -

Vivian - Nice outfit
Elle - Oh, I like your outfit too, except when I dress up as a frigid bitch, I try not to look so constipated

Phew! That took almost an hour to complete.



Hey lovelies!

Sorry for the long delay in blog posts!

I've not been able to buy anything recently as my new card hasn't come through the post yet (if you have no idea what i'm talking about then please refer to my previous post. :) )

Also i'm trying to not spend too much money at the moment as i'm planning to bring around £1000 of my own money to Uni with me, yeah, like thats gonna happen Felicity! :P

Moving swiftly on, i have a little NOTD post for you's all.

Until i get a memory card thing for my camera all pictures and videos will be taken on my webcam, unless i can persuade my sister to let me borrow her camera . . .

Rimmel - 300 Movie Star

I love this colour, i actually found this in Morrisons, there was a load of cosmetic/beauty products that were heavily discounted, most of the stuff was rubbish but i found this little gem.
I think the RRP for this product is around £4 - £5 but don't quote me on that!

The colour is a deep ruby red, with gold shimmer tones. It makes me feel quite Christmassy, for some strange reason . . .

Felicity xo

21 August 2009

Worst Nightmare!

Hey lovelies,

A couple of weeks ago i recieved an email from the Tax people saying that they had taxed me too much at work and that they would be refunding me £375! Great, i thought! The email included a form which i had to send back - in the form i had to include my bank details too . . .
Anyway, i'd been waiting for about 2 weeks and hadn't recieved my promised £375 so today i rang up the Tax people and they told me that it was a FAKE email and that people are trying to hack into my account! :O

So i promptly rang my bank and they said the safest thing to do would be to close my account and to cut up my card, the lady on the phone said i'll recieve a new card within 7-14 days! .

Talk about worst nightmare come true! :(

To keep me busy until i get my new plastic i plan to write a few reviews and whatnot. :)


19 August 2009


Hey girlies!

I planned to post my ootd yesterday but i fell asleep, oops! Anyway, instead of letting it go to waste i thought heck, i'll just post it with todays ootd. So your getting two for the price of one! Ok, so they don't actually cost you anything but you get what i'm saying . . . . ok i'm rambling!

Reet, OOTD 1 - (Yesterdays)

Excuse the face/hair - i wasn't feeling too good yesterday!
I opted for a long floaty deep orange coloured vest top from Topshop. Its very lightweight, so its ideal to wear on a day when its hot, like yesterday was. In the evening it went a tad cooler so instead of grabbing my usual cardi combo i decided to just wrap a light leopard print scarf around my shoulders to keep me from being chilly. I dared to bare the legs yesterday as it was too warm for jeans, i didn't think it was appropriate to take a piccie of my legs though as they weren't fake tanned and looked as white as white can be! I want some St Moriz but no-where round my town sells it. : (

Onto OOTD 2 - Today! :)

Until i workout how to use the self time on my camera your gonna have to put up with the crappy "me holding the camera" pictures! Sorry guys!

Its been a typical British weather day today, this morning it was gloomy and cloudy and as if by magc this afternoon has turned into a mini-heatwave! Cue my outfit panic! The picture above shows my outfit this morning, i layered a basic black t-shirt from Topshop and put on top a dark navy/nearly black floaty, oversized top which has huge arm sleeves, for a pop of colour i accesorized the outfit with some amber/gold coloured long beads from Next. For the bottom half of me i opted for a pair of the ever faithful skinny dark denim jeans. As of now i have stripped off the big floaty top and am just wearing the black t-shirt and jeans.

Hope you enjoyed your double helping of OOTD's and i gave a review coming up shortly - probably tonight!



18 August 2009

Tag - Obsessions

Hey lovelies,
Yes, another tag! Pretty boring i know, more interesting posts will follow, promise!
Okey dokey, so i was tagged by Tabitha @http://tabitha-sheridan.blogspot.com/

The rules with this award are:
1) List 5 current obsessions
2) Pass the award on to 5 fabulous blogs
3) Mention the person who tagged you and post their blog link
4) Post links to the 5 winners and let them know!
My five current obsessions ....
1. Hot Vimto
Two words - freakin delicious!
I used to have it when i was little and the other day i noticed it was on offer at my local shop so i bought a bottle of it and have become re-aquainted with it! Hot Vimto rules - go try it! Just boil some water in a kettle, pour some Vimto into a glass/cup and then pour the boiling water over the Vimto. Deliciousness guaranteed!
2. Galaxy Cookie Crumble
Haha, i love how my first 2 obsessions are food related!
I love Galaxy chocolate anyway and was intrigued when i saw the "Cookie Crumble" version, so i picked one up and bought it. I didn't think it'd be very nice to be honest, but how wrong was i?! Its the most gorgeous chocolate bar EVER! It has these little bits of cookie biscuit in the chocolate - genius or what?! Galaxy, if your listening please make a "Popcorn Crumble"
3. Re-runs of Old TV Shows
Seeing as work have cut my hours, grrrr! I'm spending a lot more time in front of the TV and have found myself watching old episodes of The O.C, 8 Simple Rules, Americas Next Top Model and of course FRIENDS!
4. Magazines
I'm trying to keep this obsession tamed a bit, but its not working! I buy most of the trashy celebrity weeklies and the glossies too. If you add up all that i spend on magazines in a month its about £30-40, which could be spent on something not as disposable as magazines!
5. Music
I've been listening to a lot of music lately, i find myself singing along to the radio or loading up Spotify on a frequent basis. I love Florence and The Machine at the moment, so different to whats out there at the moment. I'm also listening to Britney's Circus album a lot too, i LOVE it!
I'm gonna tag all my lovely followers!
Felicity xo

Picture Tag

Hi girlies, i planned on doing a number of posts today but i have the worst stomach and leg cramps so i'm gonna do a couple of tags and maybe a review later on. I was planning on doing an OOTD aswell but we'll see how much of a mess i look on camera first! lol

I was tagged by the lovely Tabitha @http://tabitha-sheridan.blogspot.com/, go check out her blog if you haven't already!

Heres what you have to do
1. first go to your picture folder
2. go down to the 10th picture
3. post the 10th picture and tell the great story behind it :)and dont forget to tag 5 people

Apologies if the piccie comes out super big! :s

This pic was taken in Spain earlier this year of me and my sister (i'm on the left if you haven't guessed!). I love the backdrop to the photo, the boats were so pretty, i need to marry someone rich so i can afford one! haha.

I tag all of my followers!

Love you all,

Felicity xo


17 August 2009

Maybelline Event & Chit Chat

Hey lovelies!

So, i got an invite today to the Maybelline event - super exciting or what?! my first event! eeeep!

I'm really nervous about meeting you all, but at the same time i can't freakin' wait. :)

One question though did you pick morning, afternoon or evening? i was thinking afternoon . . .

Jeepers, i'm gonna get so confused about trains and whatnot, anyone who lives in London wanna help out a train novice?! i've never been to London before so that should be an experience in itself! lol You can just tell i'm gonna get lost can't you.!

Anyone who is going to the Maybelline event please follow me on good old twitter www.twitter.com/felicityxo

Next i wanna say an almighty thanks to all my new followers! You have no idea how excited i get when i see the number go up. I love reading all your blogs too, there amazing!

More posts coming tomorow or possibly tonight if this stupid headache goes.

Love you all,


MeMeMe Blog Award

Hey girlies!

The lovely Ella tagged me, i expect you've all checked out her blog as its fan-freakin-tastic! however if for some unknown weird reason you haven't then heres some linkage for you -

'The MeMeMe Blog Award Consists of:
1. Acknowledging the person who tagged you
2. Nominate 7 other blogs

Right, lets get down to business then!

1. Fae
I love Fae, she's an amazing blogger and i get really excited when she posts a new vid and sad when it ends. :( She's a lovely, friendly and you should deffo go check out her YT vids and blog.

2. Louise
Louise's blog is great, she has great posts and updates regularly which is always good! Louise is deffo a blogger to watch out for in the future. :)

3. Tabitha
I simply love this girlies blog, Tabitha's reviews are great - lots of piccies to compliment the review, which always goes down a treat! Go ch-ch-check her out!

4. Faye
Fayes blog is super super amazing! The layout is too cute for words and her posts are really interesting too. She also has a fab sense of style - i want your wardrobe Faye! or at least take me shopping! :) It'd be a crime not check out her blog!

5. Kelly
I love Kelly, shes so funny and such a genuinely nice person. I'm kinda addicted to her YT vids, she's very inspiring and has a great blog too.

6. Cat
Cat is one of my newer followers whose blog i check daily see if she's updated! I love how detailed her reviews are and her eyes are super pretty too! :)

7. Daisy
Daisy's blog is fab! Daisy updates regularly and her posts are of a great variety too - not just fashion and beauty. :)

3. Share your 7 personality traits so we can get to know you better,

1. Chatterbox
I'm hardly ever quiet, i always find something to talk about - whether it some hot gossip or even the weather! And believe me you don't wanna be near me after i've had a bag of Skittles, i'm like a bunny on speed! lol

2. Friendly
When i'm out or in town i always talk to people, whether its at the busstop or just smiling at someone in the street, remember being friendly doesn't cost anything. :)

3. Party Animal
If theres a party happening then i'm all over it! I love going out, having a few (or a lot of) cheeky drinks and doing a bit of flirting and dancing! Your only young once! :)

4. Girlie
Who'd of guessed, eh! I'm such a girlie girl, i love shopping, watching fashion programmes, having the odd facial/manicure here and there, it's official girls rock, boys you don't know what your missing out on!

5. Creative
I'm quite a creative person, i've always been interested in art and photography and recently setup my own Retouching and Graphic Design business, the website will be ready soon! :)
I'd like to say i'm quite creative in the kitchen too . . . but unfortunately i can just about make beans on toast without setting the smoke alarm off! lol

6. Tidy
I hate mess, my room is uber tidy and thats the way i like it. If my room is jumbled up and messy then i feel all muddled up myself - which is never a good thing. Tidy room = tidy mind . . . or something like that!

7. Happy
I tend to be a very happy person, i always try to look for the positives instead of the negatives, i do have days where i can be a right moody cow but girls will be girl, eh! :)



15 August 2009

The next chapter . .

Hey my lovelies! (just realised the title of this post is the name of Katie and Petes last TV series!)

Okily dokily, so this is not gonna be a beauty post because i'm too tired at the moment after a hard days work at River Island. So instead i'll be telling you about the next big step in my life . . . UNIVERSITY! Yup, in October i shall be trotting off to Nottingham to study Media and English at Nottingham Trent! To say i'm excited is an understatement, i can't wait to explore the city, get to know my flatmates, do a bit of cooking and best of all, Nottingham has a MAC! I think i know where my student loans gonna go . . .

Anywho, i shall be staying in halls on campus in a place called Peverell. It costs £96 per week, which i thought was a bit steep BUT i do have an en-suite (i CANNOT share a bathroom! eww!) and apparently there is 24 hour security too. So i shall be safe and clean at least!

So the plan up till then is as follows
  • From now until 27th September - work my butt off at River Island to get some money.
  • 27th September -30th September - run around like a headless chicken in town trying to buy everything - pots, pans, shopping etc . . .
  • 1st October - PACK! Eeeeeep!
  • 2nd October - Move in! Double Eeeeeep!

I might do some blogs/hauls about Uni related topics in the run-up to the big date, if you guys are interested? Let me know please. :)

Sorry for the lack of beauty posts, i shall post some next week, pinky promise!

Felicity xo


14 August 2009


Hey girlies,

Seeing as i've magically fixed my camera i thought it was a good idea to celebrate by posting an OOTD.

I'm off work today so i put on a super casual look, not too much thought went into it, just the first thing that came to hand when i opened my wardrobe.

Rundown of the look.

Long vest top - Topshop.
I have a thing for animal prints at the moment, and i love that i can wear this top with jeans or with leggings. I got the top yonks ago so i can't remember how much it is, probs around the £15- £20 mark.

Long cardi - surprise surprise Topshop . . .
I l.o.v.e Topshop cardis, they are SO soft and come in array of colours. I'm currently lusting over the oatmeal/nudey coloured one, and at £18 a pop i might just go and buy it!

Jeans - River Island
I work at River Island, so these are my "work" jeans but i love them so much i often wear them outside of work too. Thanks to my super crap piccies you can't really see the jeans detail too much - they are a light blue faded denim, have white paint splashes on them and random rips here there and everywhere! I usually wear dark denim but i thought i'd give these a go and i'm so happy i did! These are £39.99 but i got my staff discount so i got quite a bit knocked off. :)
More posts coming tonight!

Innies and Outties!

Hey m'lovelies!

I'm in a very chirpy mood today, it might be the fumes from Barry M's Pink Flamingo making me go a bit whacky, but hey ho thats how i roll! : )

Innies . . .

* My hair is growing! When my hair grows an inch or two longer then i'm gonna put my extensions in. :) If i put them in at the moment it looks so fake and skanky - not a good look.

* A/W Collections - I'm loving all the new collections on the highstreet and online, i'm currently eyeing up a rather lush studded bag on ASOS.

* Me fixing my camera! YAY! I pressed a few buttons and as if by magic it's started working again. Now i don't have to spend £100 on a new one.

* Leaving work on 13th September - No more manager from hell! *PART-AY*

* The tax people refunding me £375 because they taxed me too much at work apparently. . .

* University in October - words cannot express how excited i am, bring on FRESHERS!

Outties . . .

* My skin break out - i hardy ever get spots, but when i do there super sore and in the most noticeable place, i'm sure they do it to annoy me. :(

* Not having a MAC nearby. I was so close to ordering online but i want to see the products first.

* Delivery charges, i wish ASOS didn't charge for delivery, thats the one thing that puts me off ordering off there.

* My obsession with magazines - seriously i must spend around £10+ each week on magazines which if you add up each month is a lotta money.

Seeing as i've now fixed my camera you can expect me to be super snap happy!

I'm a twitter-a-holic so feel free to twitter me - www.twitter.com/felicityxo

Felicity xo

13 August 2009

When to leave . . .

Hey everyone!

I'm just looking for a bit of friendly advice from you. : )

I'm going to Nottingham University on 1st October and this week i have to decide when i am going to leave my job at River Island.

So the question is, should i leave work on the 27th September OR the 15th September, if i leave on the 15th September i'm planning to go and live with my sister who is moving into her new flat in Nottingham so i can get used to the city a bit more, and i'd be getting bits and bobs sorted for the big move. At the moment i'm not being given a lot of shifts at work, usually just the weekends, so i wouldn't be losing that much money.
Any comments would be great

Felicity xo

12 August 2009

My new love . . .

Hey girls,

As i'm sure many of you are aware a lot of the high-street shops have started to stock there A/W 09 collections and i'm SO glad they have! I've noticed that a lot of the clothes have quite muted colours - think grey, black, earthy tones, when colours are introduced they are not garish and are again toned down.

Other key trends for A/W 09

  • Structured shoulders

  • Sequins
  • Statement Accessories

  • Studs

I love how they all coincidentally started with S! :)

After briefing myself on the trends for A/W i popped along to Meadow Hall in Sheffield for a shopping trip. I was on the look out for a new jacket, first stop was All Saints where i found the most gorgeous jacket you have EVER seen, i looked at the price tag and saw it said £80 so i thought WOW thats a great price i've gotta get it, so off i went to the till and when the sales person scanned it it came up with £395! :O I was like WHAT?! It turns out that i'd been looking at the price tag of the top which was underneath the jacket instead, which was £80. I felt so foolish! Seriously though, if you have £395 to spend on a jacket then get to All Saints PRONTO!

Anyway, after that escapade i went into the lovely Zara and started to look at their new collection, tucked away in a corner i found a gem of a jacket! It was £49.50 which i think is pretty good seeing i'll use it all autumn/winter, it has a sprinkling of studs on the back of the jacket - but its not too over the top.

Sorry again for the craptastic pictures, does anyone know of any decent and not too expensive cameras? I had a look on the Argos website but theres too many and i'm confused! I'd like one thats good for close ups on pictures and takes good videos too! Thanks girlies! xx

Felicity xo


Illamasqua @ ASOS

Hey lovelies!

Visiting the ASOS website is a daily occurance for me, i enjoy looking at the new collections and wishing i had an endless pit of money to buy it all! ASOS also have a beauty section, which to be honest i don't often visit, however today i visited ASOS as normal and discovered that they are now stocking Illamasqua products.

In terms of pricing i've found that both the Illamasqua website and ASOS have exactly the same prices for all the products. However if you purchase any goods upto (or over) the value of £75 from ASOS then you get Free Delivery (UK residents only) So if your a big ASOS shopper i'd definately reccomend purchasing some Illamasqua products too!

I'll pop the link below to the Illasmasqua page on ASOS.


I'll be doing a couple more posts today, hopefully!

Felicity xo

10 August 2009

Thanks and Update.

Hey girlies!

This is just a random post, not related to fashion or beauty.

Firstly i want to say thanks to my followers, ok so i'm aware that 11 followers is not like a super amount but everytime i gain a new follower or recieve a comment on a post it makes me smile so much and pretty much makes my day! : )

Also i should be getting a new camera soon, or i might try to reset my digital camera because all the settings are messed up but i need a new camera for Uni so i might as well just buy a new one! So expect new videos/decent quality images soooon!

The third and final point i'd like to make is that i'm an EYKO ambassador now. So feel free to use my discount code - E4320 whenever you order anything simply enter this code and you will get a free gift with your purchase! Good, eh!

I'm hoping to write a review tomorow on the Cheryl Cole Eyelashes and i've got a couple of other posts planned too, so keep your eyes peeled.

Hope your all having a good week!


9 August 2009

Haul - Just a few bits i go from Superdrug and Boots.

Hey girlies!

My first haul! Just a little one but i've been dying to do one for ages. :)

So here goes, this is just a few bits and bobs which i picked up from Superdrug and Boots (UK drugstores for those people who are outside of England). I was going to do this haul as a video but all my family are in and i'd get embarassed! haha

The first thing i picked up was "iFoam" by Soap and Glory. I love the brand, there so fun, humouress and the products smell gorgeous (which always helps!). I payed £2.93 for the product as its on offer at the moment - its meant to be £4.40! I think the whole of the S&G range is on offer at Boots at the moment, so get yourselves down there. So far i'm loving the iFoam and i love it, it smells lush and is really moisturizing.

I'll review this at a later date!

I have really dry/chapped lips at the moment and needed something that would really moisturize and protect them, i watched Gemma's YouTube video on a Blistex lipcare product and thought i'd pick one up as she raved about them. I don't think i got the same one as Gemma but my Superdrug didn't have a wide range of choice, so in the end i chose Blistex Relief Cream Healing. Again, i'll give you an update on this when i've used for a few days. :)

Next up is the Rimmell Vinyl Carat lipgloss in Razzle Dazzle - 250. I've been looking for a cherry red coloured lipgloss for a while and thought i'd give this a try. I love the colour it's a glossy cherry colour, it has a subtle sparkle to it which makes it wearable for the daytime too.

I also got a can of Loreal Elnett hairspray in Normal strength, i love this hairspray it's the best i've tried. It holds my hair in place all day and is easy to comb out too.

After all the hype around Barry M's Pink Flamingo i thought it was time to jump on the bandwagon and try it out. There was only one left in my Superdrug so i quickly snatched it up and i'm dying to try it now! The colour is gorgeous - a neony coral pink. I love it already!

The final product i picked up was a Rimmel Stay Matte face powder in Soft Beige 005. I always put powder on after my foundation to set in and sometimes if i've put a bit too much bronzer/blusher on then i'll put some of this on top to tone it down slightly, it works wonders. I also carry it in my bag at work so i can quickly put a bit on if i'm a bit shiny.

Ok, now for the major crappy picture! I apologize for the quality, if anyone has any camera reccomendations then PLEASE let me know! I'm looking for a digital camerafor around the £100 mark. :)


P.s Feel free to follow me on twittaaar! www.twitter.com/felicityxo

8 August 2009

You took something perfect and painted it red . . .

I thought the lyrics from the Daniel Merriwether song "Red" were suitable for the title of this post because the nations sweetheart, Cheryl Cole has "painted"/dyed her pretty much perfect lockes RED!

For those of you who don't know, i'm a big Cheryl Cole fan (she waved to me at the Out Of Control tour because i was shouting her name so much, haha crazy fan much?!) anyway, i got home from work this afternoon and visited the DailyMail TV&Showbiz section as i do every day and got quite a shock when i saw she had changed her long flowing brunette hair in favour of a fiery red hue.

I'm sure Cheryl will rock this look, and that you'll all see lots of red haired girls tottering down the high-street soon enough.

Let me know what you think, would you dare to venture over to the red side?

Felicity x

7 August 2009

You Tube

Hey lovelies. :)

Today, after umming and ahhing for a bit i decided to go ahead and record my first YouTube video, scary huh! I just did a little introduction video which took forever to record as i kept messing up - i have so many blooper vids its unreal!

After i finished recording that i decided to make another video for a "Whats In Your Bag" i think originally that was a tag video, but hey i thought i'd just make one regardless of being tagged. : )

The quality of the vids are quite bad due to me recording them on my webcam, i have got a camera but i've lost my charger for it >.< BUT i'm gonna a brand spanking new camera tomorow, so expect high-quality vids from now on! If anyone has any reccomendation for a good camera for vids and photos then please let me know.

One more thing, this morning i logged into my email account and for some reason i checked my spam folder even though i hardly ever check it because i usually get a load of crappy junk emails in there, anyway i saw an email off the HM Revenue and Customs people so i curiously opened the email and they said there going to do a tax refund for me for £344! It was a very nice surprise first thing in the morning. :)

Ohhh and before i forget heres my youtube channel and twitter -



Follow, Comment, Rate & Subscribe please, thanks girls!

Felicity xo

6 August 2009

A Whole New World

Hi girlies!

Until recently i've only ever bought drugstore make-up as unfortunately i couldn't afford more expensive make-up such as MAC, Benefit, Illamasqua ect. However along came a vacancy at River Island so i now have sufficient funds to spend on lots of lovely make-up! :) The only problem is i don't know where to begin with stores such as MAC, so if you girls have any must haves or reccomendations then please let me know. I'm not much of a colour freak and prefer more muted/golden/earthy colours.

I recently took myself off to MeadowHall in Sheffield and visited the Benefit counter there in Boots. The lovely Benefit lady gave me a makeover and tested some products on me, i ended buying Erase Paste and Hoola - so again any reccomendations then please let me know!

Thanks so much lovelies!

Felicity xo

Angel Of The North - Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole found fame through the talent show "PopStars The Rivals" since then the nation has fallen for the geordie's charm and shes become a household name in the UK. Mrs Cole is a regular in the fashion weeklies and has even graced the cover of Vogue - not bad for a girl from Newcastle, eh!

One of my favourite dresses which Cheryl donned on The X Factor in 2008 was a coral Matthew Williamson design. I adore the colour and think it really compliments her skintone. The embelishments on the dress makes Cheryl appear more curvy and really brings your focus in on her tiny waist!

As i said this is one of my favourite outfits that Cheryl has worn and when i saw it i immediately started looking for familiar items. Some of you may know that i work in River Island, well when i was doing the delivery one morning i discovered a great dupe for the dress, it's an orange skirt with gold sequins down the front angling diagnolly similar to the embelishment on the MW dress. Sorry for the super crap picture and i had to crop my face out - i had a "i've had one too many sambuca face!" :P

As you can see the skirt is quite similar, i think the skirt may be in the River Island sale at the moment, so get down there pronto if your after one! I decided to team it with a plain white t-shirt, a brown thing waistbelt with
and a small heart necklace.

With the X Factor starting again later this month the focus will be as much on Cheryls style as it is on the contestants.
Felicity xo

4 August 2009

Review - Aussie Real Volume Shampoo

I've always been a fan of Aussie products, they smell great and leave my hair soft and not in the least greasy (which is big plus for me as my hair is very grease prone - i can't even use conditioner!) Anyway, when i saw the Real Volume shampoo in Morrisons i immediately picked it up, i must admit i was a bit skeptical as i have tried numerous shampoos which claim to volumize hair but never do!

I tried it the following morning and must admit it does exactly what it says on the tin, well bottle if your being picky! It doesn't smell as nice as other leading shampoo brands such as Herbal Essences but i'd rather get a better result than a nice smell! The shampoo lathers up well and is easy to wash out of your hair too. I applied NO other products to my hair before blowdrying it, so i could see the results fairly. After blowdrying i found my hair to be a lot more volumized at the crown and had a lot more body and bounce too. It has also left my hair feeling a lot more manageable and noticably softer.

Overall i'd give this product 9/10.

3 August 2009

Review - Batiste Tropical

Hello girlies!

My hair gets extremely greasy, i have to wash it everyday because otherwise it just looks yuck but its so time consuming washing, drying, straightening and the styling my hair everyday so when i heard all the hype about Batiste Dry Shampoo i was instantly sold! I bought the Tropical one as i heard it smelt the nicest too.

So this morning i tried it, my first impression was how powerful it is! I thought it would be just like spraying hairspray but its very high pressured so consequently you don't need to use a lot. The smell of this product is gorgeous - not too overpowering and quite sweet. It took me about 5-10 minutes to spray and style my hair and i can honestly say that the result was great!
My hair was left non-greasy, smelling great and looking fab all day!

I'd definately buy this product again.

Felicity xo

31 July 2009

In and Out #1

I've seen quite a few bloggers posting these so i thought i'd start too. :)


1. Being paid - Seriously, theres no other feeling than logging onto my online banking and seeing a little bit more money in my account. It makes all them long days and awkward customers worth it!

2. Trashy TV - The Hills, The City, Gossip Girl, NYC Prep (my newest obsession) I love them all, i think it'd be great if there was a UK version of The Hills - maybe set at ASOS?

3. Benefit - I've always wanted to try Benefit but i've never been able to afford, so when i got my job at River Island the first thing i bought was some Benefit products. I got Erase Paste (2 medium) and Hoola. I know its not a lot but it was all i could afford!


1. Small feet - I'm a UK size 3 so i find it very hard to find shoes that fit. I practically live in my flats from Topshop but i can't find any other stores which sell shoes for small narrow feet. :(

2. Noireen from Big Brother - No explanation needed.

3. Breakouts - My skin isn't at its best at the moment, i'm gonna try and up my intake of water and see if that help. I hate it when my skins blotchy and spotty.

4 July 2009

Hair Extensions

I feel a tad silly writing this as i have zero followers! haha, please follow me if your reading this. :)

I recently had my hair cut similar to Frankie from The Saturdays - http://www.contactmusic.com/pics/lb/mum_of_the_year_2_010309/frankie_sandford_from_the_saturdays_2313504.jpg
but i really don't like it anymore, i feel its too short for me and i just feel so unsexy with it short so i've decided to buy some hair extensions. I optimistically rang Toni and Guy this morning and was shocked when they said they'd cost £550 for three months wear! So that was obviously a no-go for me - i'm a pennyless gap yearer so i need to save all the money i can for Uni!

Anyway, this afternoon i came across a cute website called www.headkandy.com so i've read all the testamonials and they all seem great, the hair seems great quality and also the price seems really affordable too! I'm gonna email them in a few minutes to ask them a couple of questions but apart frrom that i'm pretty sure i'm gonna go ahead and order some.

When i recieve the extensions i will probably do a blog and YT review about them. :)

30 June 2009

20 Questions Tag

1.Things you cannot leave the house without:
My Rimmell Jelly Gloss lipgloss - which i love, my phone, hairspray and a pack of tissues.
2. Favourite brand of Make Up:
GOSH, Rimmell - simply because of the Sexy Curves mascara and i love Urban Decay products too.
3. Favourite flower:
I love all flowers really, but my fave is the traditional rose!
4. Favourite clothing store:
I work at River Island so obviously thats gonna be one of my faves but i also like TopShop, Warehouse and Miss Selfridge.
5. Favourite perfume:
Miss Dior Cherie - I discovered it for the first time yesterday and absolutely LOVE it!
6. Heels or Flats:
Flats in the daytime and Heels at night. :)
7. Do you make good grades:
Yeah, i wasn't like a super braniac but i did ok.
8. Favourite colours:
Pink, White and Gold
9. Do you drink energy drinks:
I can't drink them on their own but Vodka Redbull is my fave drink on a night out - seriously i think i'm addicted to them!
10. Do you drink juice:
I drink the version where you add water to it, theres one called Summer Barley by Robinsons or something like that and i love it.
11. Do you like swimming:
Its ok, i hardly ever swim though, apart from on holidays.
12. Do you eat fries with a fork:
Only in a restaurant.
13. Favourite moisturiser:
No7 Protect and Perfect
14. Do you want to get married later on in life:
Yes, i want a massive wedding!
15. Do you get mad easily:
No, i'm quite a calm person.
16. Are you into ghost hunting:
Nope! I sometimes watch "Most Haunted" but only because i think the woman in it is hilarious!
17. Any phobias:
Dogs - one attacked me when i was younger.
18. Do you bite your nails:
Yes, but i'm trying to stop - Day two and i'm till going strong!
19. Have you ever had a near death experience:
20. Do you drink coffee :
Yes, i tend to go through phases where i'll drink it for like a week then i'll go off it for a month or so.

29 June 2009

Make Up, Fashion and Me


My names Felicity and after discovering the beauty guru community on YT and Blogspot i've decided to give it a go!

A little bit about me . . .
Well, as you now know my names Felicity and i'm from Derbyshire in England. I'm 19 and am currently on a gap year before i start Uni in October. I'm working at River Island at the moment, its a great place to work and i really enjoy it. So thats the essential point to know about me.

I decided to make a blog and YT channel because i simply love make-up, i love testing new products, discovering new brands and of course admiring the pretty packaging!
I must admit at heart i am a drugstore girl simply because its affordable and its sort of my comfort zone, but thats where you guys come in - i need some advice! I'm planning a MAC trip soon and need some advice on what to buy, i've never been before so any reccomendations would be great.

I shall be recording a video tomorow and popping it on YouTube - Probably just an intro/my fave products vid.

Oh and before i forget i'm gonna mention some of my fave YT girlies -
LucyMarie85 - I love this girlie, she's the first beauty guru i came across and i'm forever checking her channel for updates! She's so pretty and seems like such a sweet girl.

BeautyMarked - I found out about BeautyMarked19 from Lucy's channel, although BM is pretty new on YT i can tell she's gonna be one to watch - her vids are great especially the scarf collection!

Lollipop26 - This girl is like a legend in the beauty guru community! Her vids are very informative and you can tell she has a passion for all things beauty.

hollymae20 - Holly is definately one of my fave YouTubers and definately inspired me to start blogging and posting vids.

Felicity xoxo
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