4 August 2009

Review - Aussie Real Volume Shampoo

I've always been a fan of Aussie products, they smell great and leave my hair soft and not in the least greasy (which is big plus for me as my hair is very grease prone - i can't even use conditioner!) Anyway, when i saw the Real Volume shampoo in Morrisons i immediately picked it up, i must admit i was a bit skeptical as i have tried numerous shampoos which claim to volumize hair but never do!

I tried it the following morning and must admit it does exactly what it says on the tin, well bottle if your being picky! It doesn't smell as nice as other leading shampoo brands such as Herbal Essences but i'd rather get a better result than a nice smell! The shampoo lathers up well and is easy to wash out of your hair too. I applied NO other products to my hair before blowdrying it, so i could see the results fairly. After blowdrying i found my hair to be a lot more volumized at the crown and had a lot more body and bounce too. It has also left my hair feeling a lot more manageable and noticably softer.

Overall i'd give this product 9/10.

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