19 August 2009


Hey girlies!

I planned to post my ootd yesterday but i fell asleep, oops! Anyway, instead of letting it go to waste i thought heck, i'll just post it with todays ootd. So your getting two for the price of one! Ok, so they don't actually cost you anything but you get what i'm saying . . . . ok i'm rambling!

Reet, OOTD 1 - (Yesterdays)

Excuse the face/hair - i wasn't feeling too good yesterday!
I opted for a long floaty deep orange coloured vest top from Topshop. Its very lightweight, so its ideal to wear on a day when its hot, like yesterday was. In the evening it went a tad cooler so instead of grabbing my usual cardi combo i decided to just wrap a light leopard print scarf around my shoulders to keep me from being chilly. I dared to bare the legs yesterday as it was too warm for jeans, i didn't think it was appropriate to take a piccie of my legs though as they weren't fake tanned and looked as white as white can be! I want some St Moriz but no-where round my town sells it. : (

Onto OOTD 2 - Today! :)

Until i workout how to use the self time on my camera your gonna have to put up with the crappy "me holding the camera" pictures! Sorry guys!

Its been a typical British weather day today, this morning it was gloomy and cloudy and as if by magc this afternoon has turned into a mini-heatwave! Cue my outfit panic! The picture above shows my outfit this morning, i layered a basic black t-shirt from Topshop and put on top a dark navy/nearly black floaty, oversized top which has huge arm sleeves, for a pop of colour i accesorized the outfit with some amber/gold coloured long beads from Next. For the bottom half of me i opted for a pair of the ever faithful skinny dark denim jeans. As of now i have stripped off the big floaty top and am just wearing the black t-shirt and jeans.

Hope you enjoyed your double helping of OOTD's and i gave a review coming up shortly - probably tonight!




  1. love both your outfits :) you look lovely x

  2. I love both of those outfits!

  3. both of thme are amazing, where did you get the floaty big arm holed top thingy from hha x

  4. Thanks for the sweet comments girls! :) x
    @Cat Its from Topshop, i found the link online for you, if you wanted to have a better look;


  5. Hello hun!
    Ive just tagged you on my blog, and linked you on my blogroll :) I hope you do the same!
    Have you uploaded the vid yet?

  6. So cute! No worries about the self-timer issue, these photos are fine. :) Very cute blog idea. I always wanted to start a make-up blog but I wouldn't be able to keep up. :P

    Keep up to good work!


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