21 August 2009

Worst Nightmare!

Hey lovelies,

A couple of weeks ago i recieved an email from the Tax people saying that they had taxed me too much at work and that they would be refunding me £375! Great, i thought! The email included a form which i had to send back - in the form i had to include my bank details too . . .
Anyway, i'd been waiting for about 2 weeks and hadn't recieved my promised £375 so today i rang up the Tax people and they told me that it was a FAKE email and that people are trying to hack into my account! :O

So i promptly rang my bank and they said the safest thing to do would be to close my account and to cut up my card, the lady on the phone said i'll recieve a new card within 7-14 days! .

Talk about worst nightmare come true! :(

To keep me busy until i get my new plastic i plan to write a few reviews and whatnot. :)



  1. aww thats awful, i read about this the other day, it said the real tax people will only ever contact you by post, its horrible people would do that :( xx

  2. How rude!! Hope your card comes quicker, never give your bank details too people who email you! haha xxx


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