24 August 2009


Hey lovelies!

Sorry for the long delay in blog posts!

I've not been able to buy anything recently as my new card hasn't come through the post yet (if you have no idea what i'm talking about then please refer to my previous post. :) )

Also i'm trying to not spend too much money at the moment as i'm planning to bring around £1000 of my own money to Uni with me, yeah, like thats gonna happen Felicity! :P

Moving swiftly on, i have a little NOTD post for you's all.

Until i get a memory card thing for my camera all pictures and videos will be taken on my webcam, unless i can persuade my sister to let me borrow her camera . . .

Rimmel - 300 Movie Star

I love this colour, i actually found this in Morrisons, there was a load of cosmetic/beauty products that were heavily discounted, most of the stuff was rubbish but i found this little gem.
I think the RRP for this product is around £4 - £5 but don't quote me on that!

The colour is a deep ruby red, with gold shimmer tones. It makes me feel quite Christmassy, for some strange reason . . .

Felicity xo


  1. oh my gosh i want that nail varnish ! :)
    lovely shade.. i think i'll be helping mum tonight with the morrisons shop haha xx

  2. that looks lovely

    as mad as it counds, DONT TAKE THE MONEY WITH YOU.
    leave it with your mum and dad
    i saved £1500 to take to uni, and without even realising it, spent it all on food, clothes, make up, alcohol, nights out, meals out, nights out in nottingham and leicester, and various other crap.

    i would leave it with your parents, then when you get your reading list/textbook list, ring them and ask them to put the amount you need into your bank account or something

    the first loan installment lasts fine, but the second and third are a lot more difficult to make last as long, and i found i ran out of loan money quite quickly with the second installment.

    just to clarify, im very, very, very careful with my money and know where every single penny goes, but you can get caught up in freshers week and meeting new friends and 'lets go shopping' or 'lets go out!!' so i really really would recommend leaving it at home then it will get used on the important things!! haha :) xxx


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