13 June 2011

i'd rather be a comma, than a full stop

Absolutely loving Coldplay's new single, take a listen above! :)

Firstly, yay i reached 200 followers! Thanks for following everyone!

I've just booked my first driving lesson for this Friday, how exciting! I had around ten lessons a year ago, but stopped for some reason. My dad said he'll buy me a car when i pass, not sure if he meant it or not, but i do have my heart set on a Mini, although somehow i don't think his budget will stretch that far! A girl can dream right?!

As you may notice from the photos below, i've had my hair highlighted. This was courtesy of the latest project from Aussie. Myself and Cat both had our lockes revamped at Jacks Salon in Nottingham! As you can see i went for a few subtle highlights to achieve a more summery bo-ho look.

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Have you all picked up an issue (or 3) of Glamour Magazine? I'm sure you all know that they are giving away a free bottle of Benetint, Posie Tint and High Beam with each issue! I picked up the Benetint. :)

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I've also been watching the rather slutty Geordie Shore, not the most educational show on TV but addictive non the less. and Gary is kinda hot... #BOSH

Hope you are all well!
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