13 December 2010

♥ Monday Musings ♥

Hello! :)
Last week has absolutely FLOWN by, i think during the run upto Christmas the days always seem to go by so quickly because of the fact that it gets dark so fast and everyones busy busy busy!

1. I've been given lots more hours at work this week durig the run upto Christmas. One negative point of working in retail during the festive season is that you have to, or are assumed to be able to work during Christmas eve and Boxing day. Today we got told that we have to work on the 23rd December upto 11.30pm to get stock ready for the sale :o. At least i have Christmas day off, eh! ;)

2. 2 words - X FACTOR! Did you watch the final last night? I must admit, i was rather dissapointed that One Direction didn't win, or even get in the final two. :( I'm gonna put the cat amongst the pigeons and say that i'm not a Matt Cardle fan, yes he has a good voice but i don't think he has the X Factor. However, regardless of Matt winning i think 1D and Rebecca will still have big careers in front of them, just look at JLS! :)

3. This week something big happened, i saw the grass in my backgarden and the pavement on my close for the first time in weeks! As i'm sure you're aware the UK has had a thorough bashing from the snow, so its nice to be able to skip down the pavements and not look like bambi in the process! haha

4. I've been indulging in a whole lotta music last week. mostly to the tune of Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Cheryl Cole. I love all their new albums, especially Ri Ri's, i was hoping to get tickets for her tour but they sold out in like a minute, or something ridiculous like that. Humph! Oh and on the topic of Rihanna, did you SEE her performance with Matt on X Factor?! I thought they were gonna rip each others clothes off there and then, haha. Chemistry doesn't even come close!

Hope you had a good week :)

Felicity xoxo

6 December 2010

♥ Monday Musings ♥

Hello :)

1. It would be fair to say that this week has been somewhat . . . lifechanging/dramatic. Basically, i've decided to leave Uni and get a full time job instead, i'm not going to get too into it all as i plan on writing a blog post on it tomorow, but i just couldn't face another three years in education. As i said, a blog post will grace your dashboards soon about the topic.

2. The Christmas shoppers were out in force on Saturday and Sunday, not even the snow and ice combo outside put them off - thats dedication! I don't really mind working weekends during the run up to Christmas, you may all think i'm slightly crazy but the day goes by in a flash and before i know i've finished my shift!

3. I've been doing quite a bit of retouching this week, mainly to build my portfoilio a bit more. Retouching is a little business thing i'm working on, hopefully once my portfolio is developed a bit more i'll start doing more paid work. :)

4. My fave reads this week;

How cute is this photo! It looks like he's having a bath. haha.


Hope you all had a fab week and had an good Monday!

Felicity xo


1 December 2010

Change . . .


First and foremost, i need to get the compulsory snow chit chat out of the way! Its SO bad where i live, and i got the day off work today! Yay! A snow post may be up tomorow if i muster up the courage to venture out! :) Now onto the good stuff . . .

When visiting my blog you may have noticed a bit of a difference, if you are a regular visitor that is! Yup, Felicityxoxo has had a m.a.k.e.o.v.e.r.!

I opted for a sophisticated dark purple header dressed with a starry purple cosmic inspired background. I think you'll agree, it looks a bit more cohesive and organized. :)

Along with a change in appearances i shall be broadening my blog post topics a tad more.

I love the more candid/chit chat posts that are currently gracing various blogs but i shall still be a true beauty blogger at heart, so don't go thinking i'll be abandoning my beauty blogger status! ;)

I'll finish this post with this little fella to say goodbye!

photo from www.weheartit.com

Felicity xo

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