6 December 2010

♥ Monday Musings ♥

Hello :)

1. It would be fair to say that this week has been somewhat . . . lifechanging/dramatic. Basically, i've decided to leave Uni and get a full time job instead, i'm not going to get too into it all as i plan on writing a blog post on it tomorow, but i just couldn't face another three years in education. As i said, a blog post will grace your dashboards soon about the topic.

2. The Christmas shoppers were out in force on Saturday and Sunday, not even the snow and ice combo outside put them off - thats dedication! I don't really mind working weekends during the run up to Christmas, you may all think i'm slightly crazy but the day goes by in a flash and before i know i've finished my shift!

3. I've been doing quite a bit of retouching this week, mainly to build my portfoilio a bit more. Retouching is a little business thing i'm working on, hopefully once my portfolio is developed a bit more i'll start doing more paid work. :)

4. My fave reads this week;

How cute is this photo! It looks like he's having a bath. haha.


Hope you all had a fab week and had an good Monday!

Felicity xo


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