27 January 2010

I made Cupcakes!


Today was my day off and intended to revise revise revise but instead i got distracted and cleaned my room, stuck a workout DVD on and baked some delish cupcakes! (well i haven't tasted them yet, but they look yummy!)

I was searing online for a recipe but couldn't decide which one to use, so i tweeted that i was baking cupcakes and the lovely Milly (whose blog you should all check out > http://pearlsandpoodles.blogspot.com/) kindly tweeted me a recipe.

So i raided the cupboards, used an electric whisk, which ended up with mixture EVERYWHERE and made some truly scrmptious cupcakes!
I also made some butter icing to go on top of the cuties. :)

My mum tried to show me how to make *Butterfly Cakes* (hence the random cupcake) but i didn't have the patience for that and decided to just pop a spoonful of icing on top.
Now if you'll excuse me, i have a date with a Cupcake . . .

22 January 2010

Getting Fit!

Hey girls,

This post is going to be slightly different than my usual beauty posts. I'm gonna be talking about fitness and wellbeing.

January is well-known for being the month where a lot of people get fit and try to live a healthier lifestyle after the festive period. I've never felt the need to lose weight but over the past few weeks i've been thinking about improving my lifestyle in terms of food and excersise (or lack of!)

I'd like to stress my primary aim is NOT to lose weight but to tone-up and lead a heathier lifestyle instead.

My statistics
Height - 5 ft 4inches
Weight - 7 Stone 12 pounds
BMI - 19.26

As you can see above, my statistics are healthy but i do carry some extra weight on my stomach and hips. I'd also like to tone-up my upper arms. I'd also like to feel healthier in myself and not feel so sluggish and tired.

So, how am i going to achieve this?
I'm going to do this in two parts - Excersise and Fitness.
Excersise - I've never been the super sporty person so taking up a new sport is not an option! Instead i'm going to try and do simple things such as walking more, instead of getting buses and taxis everywhere. One example is, usually i get a taxi from my house to the train station for Uni but instead i'll get a bus into town and then walk to the train station. (walking from my house isn't an option; it'd take me at least 45 mins!!!) and the same on the way back. So thats a brisk walk 5 days a week.

Another thing i plan to do is, excersise DVDs. Oh yes! I'm a bit of a sucker for them to be honest! I have quite a collection but they are simply collecting dust in the garage, so i'm going to dust them off and plan on doing them 3 days a week. (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays)
I may also buy a new one too. I'm thinking of buying one of the "Pump It Up" DVDs i think its from the Ministry Of Sound. It seems to be very aerobic and dancey which is what i like.

I'm quite lucky really as i don't really have to watch what i eat, but what i do need to take notice of is portion control, i tend to have quite big portions of food which i feel is my downfall! I'll be controling my portions more and also adding more salad and veggies with my meals too.

The second change i'm going to make is to substitute white foods with brown/wholemeal foods. So instead of having white toast in the morning i'll have granary/wholemeal toast instead or Weetabix. I'll do the same with pasta too. White foods are known to cause bloating and tiredness so hopefully this will help me.

The final food change is to simply start thinking about what i'm putting in my mouth/body. I'm not going to stop eating the things which i enjoy, i'm simply going to moderate my eating and think "1 biscuit instead of 2/3!"

Oh and one last thing - WATER! Yup, good old H2o, i'm gonna aim high for the *8 glasses a day rule* :)

So thats my plan. As i said before i am trying to tone-up and just feel healthier, but obviously i'm going to lose a couple of pounds with the excersisng and diet substitutions.

I may do a few videos on this subject on my YouTube account, and i will also keep you updated on here too.

Congrats if you've made it this far, this was a very longwinded post!!

Felicity x

21 January 2010

Hair Havoc!

Hi girls,

For the past month i've been making hair appointments and cancelling them due to my last hair scare at Toni and Guy.

Let me paint the picture . . . i've been visiting Toni and Guy for many years and they have been amazing, very professional, great colours and cuts. So a couple of months ago i made an appointment for a saturday afternoon to have a quick cut. When i entered the salon i was greeted by a member of staff and got taken to a chair, along came my hairdresser and i explained what i wanted - a low side parting in a very short bob/pixie crop (i even had a number of pictures with me too!) the stylist took 1 minute to look at the photos and rushed me off for a shampoo. When i got back into the chair the stylist got the scissors out and started chipping and chopping my hair, 10 minutes later i noticed that she had disregarded my photos and was cutting it with a middle parting so i stopped her and said "you do know its a side parting, don't you?" then she hesitated and said "oh . . . yeah" then immediately changed the parting and blatantly tried to fix the parting mistake. However by this time it was too late, i had short pieces of hair all over the place and my sweeping fringe was jaggedy and was all different lengths. By this time i just wanted to get out, so i paid, and left unhappy. In hindsight i wish i'd of said something but it was so busy and i didn't want to make a scene. Its took a month to grow out and even now some bits still don't look right.

So now you know why i'm hesitant as to taking a trip to the hairdressers! But tomorow i'm gonna take the plunge and go to a different salon which i've heard fab things about.

I'm going for a Frankie The Saturdays / Jessica Stroup (Silver 90210) look.

Hopefully tomorow i'll come back full of smiles! :)
Let me know what you think.

Felicity x

12 January 2010

Urban Decay - Smoke Out Kit

Hey lovelies :)

It was my birthday earlier this month (2nd Jan) but with it being just after Christmas i always struggle to tell my parents what gift i would like. So on a post-christmas/pre-birthday trip into town i sauntered over the the Urban Decay stand and spotted the Urban Decay Smoke Out Kits. I've always been a bit anxious about purchasing Urban Decay products as i like to keep my eye make-up quite neutral, whereas most of the Urban Decay palletes are all bright, vivid colours.

However after examining the "Smoke Out Kits" i discovered that they were made up of 4 neutral colours . . . SOLD! Yup, forever a sucker for snazzy packaging i quickly became the proud owner of one of these gems. :)

The Breakdown
Urban Decay describe this kit as *an amazing smoke-and-mirrors kit which unveils the secret the the elusive smokey eye*.
  • 4 Colour Co-ordinated Colours.

  • Foolproof Instructions

  • 24/7 Eye Pencil in Zero

  • Skyscraper Mascara
  • Mirror

I chose the *Sweet Lucy* kit. This included 4 colours to achieve a gray/black smokey eye. There are 2 other Smoke Out kits with different colour schemes - Green and Brown, if you don't want the colour to be too intense. Anywho, i wanted the dramatic look, so opted for Sweet Lucy.
The kit itself is structured in a layered fashion. Each layer holds one or more products from the list above. All the layers are held together by a nail/screw/stud (yeah, i've never been good at describing DIY type things! hehe) well whatever it is, it lets all the layers swivel/move freely. The mirror is attached to another swivelly screw which allows the mirror to be moved to a different angle so you are able to see your pretty peepers easily. The packaging also has a smokey look both inside and out, obviously keeping in with the theme of the product!

I love this kit as you can create daytime looks, then simply vamp it up in the evening. Also with the kit being super dinky its really convinient if your going somewhere overnight and don't want to cart around a load of eye products with you.

So yup, this super stylish kit gets a big thumbs up from me. :)
RRP £22.00

Lots more posts coming up over the next few days!

Felicity xo

FYI - Blogger is being its usual awkward self and changing the layout/picture placement of this post, so if theres random spaces everywhere then thats why. ;) Oooh and if anyone knows how to get clickable pictures, so that when the post has been pubished people can click on the images and they will appear bigger then please let me know! Thanks.

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