21 January 2010

Hair Havoc!

Hi girls,

For the past month i've been making hair appointments and cancelling them due to my last hair scare at Toni and Guy.

Let me paint the picture . . . i've been visiting Toni and Guy for many years and they have been amazing, very professional, great colours and cuts. So a couple of months ago i made an appointment for a saturday afternoon to have a quick cut. When i entered the salon i was greeted by a member of staff and got taken to a chair, along came my hairdresser and i explained what i wanted - a low side parting in a very short bob/pixie crop (i even had a number of pictures with me too!) the stylist took 1 minute to look at the photos and rushed me off for a shampoo. When i got back into the chair the stylist got the scissors out and started chipping and chopping my hair, 10 minutes later i noticed that she had disregarded my photos and was cutting it with a middle parting so i stopped her and said "you do know its a side parting, don't you?" then she hesitated and said "oh . . . yeah" then immediately changed the parting and blatantly tried to fix the parting mistake. However by this time it was too late, i had short pieces of hair all over the place and my sweeping fringe was jaggedy and was all different lengths. By this time i just wanted to get out, so i paid, and left unhappy. In hindsight i wish i'd of said something but it was so busy and i didn't want to make a scene. Its took a month to grow out and even now some bits still don't look right.

So now you know why i'm hesitant as to taking a trip to the hairdressers! But tomorow i'm gonna take the plunge and go to a different salon which i've heard fab things about.

I'm going for a Frankie The Saturdays / Jessica Stroup (Silver 90210) look.

Hopefully tomorow i'll come back full of smiles! :)
Let me know what you think.

Felicity x


  1. The Jessica pic is stunning! I love the slight wave in it. Great pics! I used to have my hair like Frankie's :) x

  2. Hope it goes well! Love there hair! XO

  3. I love the last pic, I don't like Frankie's hair there..I LOVE how she's got it now x

  4. Oh I think its a great cut! I like the natural kind of texture.

  5. Hey! Those hairstyles are exactly what I went for...now I went shorter and I'm annoyed at my hair stylist too! I have thick hair so it was key to razor it into a shorter cut - something I realised a lot later :( So I have a very short and thick cut! Nightmare. I hope you get a better stylist :) I went to Regis - total no-go now!

  6. Thanks for all the comments girls! :)
    Thankfully everything went great today, my stylist was fab and i love the outcome.
    I will be posting a vid of it tomorow!


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