15 August 2009

The next chapter . .

Hey my lovelies! (just realised the title of this post is the name of Katie and Petes last TV series!)

Okily dokily, so this is not gonna be a beauty post because i'm too tired at the moment after a hard days work at River Island. So instead i'll be telling you about the next big step in my life . . . UNIVERSITY! Yup, in October i shall be trotting off to Nottingham to study Media and English at Nottingham Trent! To say i'm excited is an understatement, i can't wait to explore the city, get to know my flatmates, do a bit of cooking and best of all, Nottingham has a MAC! I think i know where my student loans gonna go . . .

Anywho, i shall be staying in halls on campus in a place called Peverell. It costs £96 per week, which i thought was a bit steep BUT i do have an en-suite (i CANNOT share a bathroom! eww!) and apparently there is 24 hour security too. So i shall be safe and clean at least!

So the plan up till then is as follows
  • From now until 27th September - work my butt off at River Island to get some money.
  • 27th September -30th September - run around like a headless chicken in town trying to buy everything - pots, pans, shopping etc . . .
  • 1st October - PACK! Eeeeeep!
  • 2nd October - Move in! Double Eeeeeep!

I might do some blogs/hauls about Uni related topics in the run-up to the big date, if you guys are interested? Let me know please. :)

Sorry for the lack of beauty posts, i shall post some next week, pinky promise!

Felicity xo



  1. Ohhh you work in River Island aswell, why did I not know this lol!

    Good luck with the move to Uni, I can imagine how stressful its going to be. Have lots of fun and party! :)

  2. Awww i wish i could go back to uni - have a fab time and good luck :)


  3. i live in derby which is 15 mins from nottingham!! my friend emily used to live in peverell and loved it!!!

    email me if you wanna know anything xxxx

  4. i basically live in nottinghams mac store as well so im sure ill meet you!! x


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