17 August 2009

MeMeMe Blog Award

Hey girlies!

The lovely Ella tagged me, i expect you've all checked out her blog as its fan-freakin-tastic! however if for some unknown weird reason you haven't then heres some linkage for you -

'The MeMeMe Blog Award Consists of:
1. Acknowledging the person who tagged you
2. Nominate 7 other blogs

Right, lets get down to business then!

1. Fae
I love Fae, she's an amazing blogger and i get really excited when she posts a new vid and sad when it ends. :( She's a lovely, friendly and you should deffo go check out her YT vids and blog.

2. Louise
Louise's blog is great, she has great posts and updates regularly which is always good! Louise is deffo a blogger to watch out for in the future. :)

3. Tabitha
I simply love this girlies blog, Tabitha's reviews are great - lots of piccies to compliment the review, which always goes down a treat! Go ch-ch-check her out!

4. Faye
Fayes blog is super super amazing! The layout is too cute for words and her posts are really interesting too. She also has a fab sense of style - i want your wardrobe Faye! or at least take me shopping! :) It'd be a crime not check out her blog!

5. Kelly
I love Kelly, shes so funny and such a genuinely nice person. I'm kinda addicted to her YT vids, she's very inspiring and has a great blog too.

6. Cat
Cat is one of my newer followers whose blog i check daily see if she's updated! I love how detailed her reviews are and her eyes are super pretty too! :)

7. Daisy
Daisy's blog is fab! Daisy updates regularly and her posts are of a great variety too - not just fashion and beauty. :)

3. Share your 7 personality traits so we can get to know you better,

1. Chatterbox
I'm hardly ever quiet, i always find something to talk about - whether it some hot gossip or even the weather! And believe me you don't wanna be near me after i've had a bag of Skittles, i'm like a bunny on speed! lol

2. Friendly
When i'm out or in town i always talk to people, whether its at the busstop or just smiling at someone in the street, remember being friendly doesn't cost anything. :)

3. Party Animal
If theres a party happening then i'm all over it! I love going out, having a few (or a lot of) cheeky drinks and doing a bit of flirting and dancing! Your only young once! :)

4. Girlie
Who'd of guessed, eh! I'm such a girlie girl, i love shopping, watching fashion programmes, having the odd facial/manicure here and there, it's official girls rock, boys you don't know what your missing out on!

5. Creative
I'm quite a creative person, i've always been interested in art and photography and recently setup my own Retouching and Graphic Design business, the website will be ready soon! :)
I'd like to say i'm quite creative in the kitchen too . . . but unfortunately i can just about make beans on toast without setting the smoke alarm off! lol

6. Tidy
I hate mess, my room is uber tidy and thats the way i like it. If my room is jumbled up and messy then i feel all muddled up myself - which is never a good thing. Tidy room = tidy mind . . . or something like that!

7. Happy
I tend to be a very happy person, i always try to look for the positives instead of the negatives, i do have days where i can be a right moody cow but girls will be girl, eh! :)




  1. omg! thank you for the sweet words! really cheered me up as im having abit of a crappy day :))))

  2. Thankyou hun!! ill get on it later! hope youre ok xxx

  3. Aww thank you for this! xxx


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