17 August 2009

Maybelline Event & Chit Chat

Hey lovelies!

So, i got an invite today to the Maybelline event - super exciting or what?! my first event! eeeep!

I'm really nervous about meeting you all, but at the same time i can't freakin' wait. :)

One question though did you pick morning, afternoon or evening? i was thinking afternoon . . .

Jeepers, i'm gonna get so confused about trains and whatnot, anyone who lives in London wanna help out a train novice?! i've never been to London before so that should be an experience in itself! lol You can just tell i'm gonna get lost can't you.!

Anyone who is going to the Maybelline event please follow me on good old twitter www.twitter.com/felicityxo

Next i wanna say an almighty thanks to all my new followers! You have no idea how excited i get when i see the number go up. I love reading all your blogs too, there amazing!

More posts coming tomorow or possibly tonight if this stupid headache goes.

Love you all,



  1. I can't wait for this event, the garnier one was awesome, so I'm sure this will be just as good. I hope they do it in the afternoon/evening, that was I can still do half a day at work! You will be amazing at the Loreal headquaters - they are stunning :-)


  2. Sounds like a fun event. I love Maybelline!

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    love lots,

    i love your page, it is neat =)

  4. Im going to the afternoon session, I think thats what most people pick..where you from hun? xx

  5. Oooh ok, i'll say afternoon then, thanks! :)
    I'm from Chesterfield, Derbyshire. XX

  6. I don't know if I can go as I'll have to get a day off work, booo. Just seen that you're from Chesterfield! My auntie and cousins all live there and my Uncle is a driving instructor there :) x

  7. I should hopefully going! I'm so excited as it's my first event too! xx

  8. I got my invitation today :D it's my first event too! I live very close to London and I'll probably be staying with my boyfriend who lives in East London the night before, so if you you need any help with tube travel and stuff I can do my best to let you know ^_^; I should be meeting up with Sinead (Ditzymakeup) beforehand, you'd be more than welcome to as well? :)

    (Oh and yeah, I said afternoon!)

  9. I'm going - is everyone going alone?
    I'd like to meet someone pre event!
    comment or tweet me!


    Its my first event :)

  10. Its my first event and i'm going- so nervous too lol


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