18 August 2009

Picture Tag

Hi girlies, i planned on doing a number of posts today but i have the worst stomach and leg cramps so i'm gonna do a couple of tags and maybe a review later on. I was planning on doing an OOTD aswell but we'll see how much of a mess i look on camera first! lol

I was tagged by the lovely Tabitha @http://tabitha-sheridan.blogspot.com/, go check out her blog if you haven't already!

Heres what you have to do
1. first go to your picture folder
2. go down to the 10th picture
3. post the 10th picture and tell the great story behind it :)and dont forget to tag 5 people

Apologies if the piccie comes out super big! :s

This pic was taken in Spain earlier this year of me and my sister (i'm on the left if you haven't guessed!). I love the backdrop to the photo, the boats were so pretty, i need to marry someone rich so i can afford one! haha.

I tag all of my followers!

Love you all,

Felicity xo



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