31 August 2009

Ins and Outs *3

Hey lovelies,

Sorry for not posting in what seems like forever, my bad! :P


* Hitting 50 Subscribers, not literally hitting them . . . you know what i mean! lol

* Uni in 32 days - So far i've bought a wooden spoon, spatula thing and some paper . . . i think i need to go shopping!

* My skin clearing up! Yay, goodbye angry spots *waves* :)

* X Factor - I lurve X Factor, firstly because of Cheryl Cole and secondly because of the talent this year, tis ace!

* Hollyoaks - Ok, so, some of the acting is pretty shocking BUT its a great way to wind down and the guys in it are hot hot hot! Calvin <3

* Finishing work next month! Yayyyyy! :)


* The Weather - Typical British answer, eh! Seriously though, i went to work yesterday and it was gloriously sunny so i didn't bring a jacket and just went in my work t-shirt, 3pm comes along (when i finished work) and it was cloudy, rainy and freezing cold - i swear i nearly catched pneumonia at the bus stop!

* Spotify messages - To be honest i don't care that your Jonathan from Spotify, play my music!

* Student Finance. They always manage to cock up everything! Grrrr!

Felicity xo


  1. congrats on getting 50 followers! :)
    and student finance is a pain in the ass! nothing with them is ever simple

  2. congrats on the followers!! get used to it with student finance, its a complete cock about CONSTANTLY. haha xx


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