26 August 2009

Bronzing Beauties

Hey girls,

I've not got a memory card thing for my camera yet so no pictures until then! Should be getting one asap :)

Bronzers are a daily must-do in make make-up routine, if i don't apply my Hoola then i feel pasty and just yuck!

One of my favourite Bronzers is Benefits Hoola, i must admit i was inticed by the packaging of this product BUT i had heard some fab things about it too, so it was a win win situation! Since that fateful day Hoola has been a part of my life, adding an instant glow to me every morning.

A few days ago i was rooting around in my drawers and found Boots' 17 Bronzing Pearls, i only bought this product as it was on offer for Buy One Get One Free and to be honest i didn't have very high expectations of it but i thought it'd do for a back-up or spare . . . . at this point i'd like to apologize, i completely judged this product as it was a drugstore own brand and thought it wouldn't be anywhere near as good as my beloved Hoola.

How. Wrong. Was. I?! For £3 you get a fair amount of product, which does not turn you into an oompa loompa, i think this is due to the three pearls being a series of Terracotta, Beige and Brown. I've been wearing this regularly and i love it and would definately compare it to Hoola. Plus at £4.39 its purse friendly too, compared to Hoolas £22.50 hefty price tag!

I'll definately be checking out the 17 range at Boots as i feel there are some great gems there, for great prices! Check out the range @ http://www.boots.com/en/17/
UK residents - Don't forget your Boots Advanatge Card!
Until next time,
Felicity xo


  1. I like 17, I'm always purchasing from that brand. The face powders are really good too. xx

  2. I might check this out next time i'm in Boots! thanks xx

  3. i tagged you on my blog :)


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