25 August 2009

Haircare Routine

Hey everyone!

I've noticed a few people posting there hair/skin care routines so i thought i'd jump on the bandwagon too!

At the moment i'm using Aussie's Real Volume shampoo. I wash my hair everyday because it gets very greasy at the roots and looks really lanky if i don't wash it daily. I only need to use a 50p sized amount as my hair is quite short. The product lathers up quickly and smells lovely too! It also does what it says on the tin and adds noticeable volume and makes my hair smooth and soft.

At the moment i do not use conditioner daily as i find most of them make my hair greasy and lanky. Although if i feel my hair is brittle/dry i will give it a quick condition just to add some moisutre back into it. For conditioner i use Herbal Essences, when needed.

Hair Mousse
I like my hair to be quite big and volumized so along with the volumized shampoo i also use VO5's Mega Hold Styling Mousse. After shampooing and rinsing i then roughly towel dry my hair then apply one pump of this all over my hair from root to tip. Although it says on the directions of this mousse that you should comb the product through, i don't, i think it gives my hair a more textured finish if i just work the mousse through my hair with my hands.

After blow-drying and straightening . . .

Toni & Guy Defining Wax for Defined Texture
To hold my hair in place and to make sure it doesn't fall flat i work through some hair wax. I used to use hairspray instead but found it didn't give my hair any texture, and made it feel crispy. To use this product i will finish off my hair by taking some of the product between my palms and simply tipping my head upside down then i work the product through my hair from root to tip, bring my head back up and roughly style my hair back into shape.

So thats my hair care routine, i like my hair to be volumized and thats the method i use.

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