13 September 2009

Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara

Hola! :)

Sorry i've been MIA recently, been pretty uninspired and had camera issues too, BUT don't worry because i'm back and better than ever! :)

Most of you be aware of the Maybelline event which took place on Thursday in Hammersmith. Due to financial issues/other engagements i couldn't attend, which i was super upset about because i was really looking forward to meeting everyone and learning about the brand itself and the new products which Maybelline have recently launched (Colour Sensational l/s and the Pulse Perfection Mascara).

However, Natalie from Headstream PR who organized the event with Maybelline was kind enough to send me a few of the products to try out.

In this post i'll be nattering about the Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara > What a name!

Mascara is my number one favourite beauty item, without it i feel naked, so this mascara had a lot to prove!

So when i finally managed to get the mascara out of the packaging i started prodding and pulling it to try and get it to vibrate, my excitement of owning a vibrating mascara had obviously taken over by then! 10 minutes later i STILL couldn't get it to vibrate, i re-read the instructions but to be honest i don't think they are very clear, it says -
  • Start - Pull plastic tab to remove completely then discard.

Now, to me a "plastic tab" is actual plastic, so i instantly looked at the top of the mascara to find the plastic section (where the battery is enclosed) i couldn't see a "tab", in hope of finding some clearer instructions i logged onto the Maybelline website and found an all singing, all dancing (ok maybe not!) demonstration on how to activate the vibrations and it turns out all i needed to do was remove the sticker which was around the battery section of the mascara! A sticker is not the same as a "plastic tab" in my books, but hey ho, what can you do! :)

Moving swiftly on . . . .

In terms if packaging i think it looks good, but it's nothing special but to be honest, a vibrating mascara kind of sells itself - you hardly need fancy packaging to intice people further! I've noticed that the American version of the Pulse Perfection mascara has a black top instead to enclose the battery, while us UK buyers have the transparent top. I personally think the black top looks more professional and less intimidating!

I used this mascara for work this morning and i really like it! I find that with just 2 coats i can achieve noticably volumized and lengthened lashes and the vibrations are easy to control and handle. My all-time favourite mascara is Rimmel's Sexy Curves Mascara, it's an item which i re-purchase time after time. So how does the Pulse Perfection compare? Well in my opinion i think the Pulse Perfection is definately on the same wave length, but for £14.99 so it should be!

Is it really worth it, or is it just a gimmick? I do love this mascara and will very much enjoy using it, but i don't think i will re-purchase as i cannot justify paying out £14.99 for a mascara when a £7.99 Rimmel Sexy Curves can do a similar job, i think this product is overpriced and think that because of this it will not get the exposure it deserves, it IS a good mascara but in my books it isn't worth the rather hefty price tag!

A vibrating mascara, whatever will they think of next, a roll on foundation? . . . . . oh wait!

Felicity xo


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