17 September 2009

Ins and Outs *4

Hey :)


* 15 days until Uni - YAY!
* Xmas temp interview @ Boots :)
* Lookbook - Seriously, it's like my drug! haha
* Twilight books - I'm not really a book type of person but i love this saga. :)
* Autumn - My fave season, it gives me an excuse to drink hot chocolate and wear big cosy warm jumpers.
* Maybelline's Pulse Perfection Mascara - I know this has had mixed reviews but i love it, it is very overpriced though @ £14.99 :o


* Student Finance - If you follow me on twitter you'll of probably of heard me banging on about them, 15 days to go and no tuition fee's/grants/income assessed loan. :( Sort it out SLC!!!!
* My hair colour - Its gone a light brown/auburny and i hate it, i'm gonna buy a home dye kit from Boots next week. :)
* Facebook Stalkercheck app - I don't like looking on peoples profiles now! lol
* Finishing work soon and living off my loan - Goodbye money. :(

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