12 August 2009

My new love . . .

Hey girls,

As i'm sure many of you are aware a lot of the high-street shops have started to stock there A/W 09 collections and i'm SO glad they have! I've noticed that a lot of the clothes have quite muted colours - think grey, black, earthy tones, when colours are introduced they are not garish and are again toned down.

Other key trends for A/W 09

  • Structured shoulders

  • Sequins
  • Statement Accessories

  • Studs

I love how they all coincidentally started with S! :)

After briefing myself on the trends for A/W i popped along to Meadow Hall in Sheffield for a shopping trip. I was on the look out for a new jacket, first stop was All Saints where i found the most gorgeous jacket you have EVER seen, i looked at the price tag and saw it said £80 so i thought WOW thats a great price i've gotta get it, so off i went to the till and when the sales person scanned it it came up with £395! :O I was like WHAT?! It turns out that i'd been looking at the price tag of the top which was underneath the jacket instead, which was £80. I felt so foolish! Seriously though, if you have £395 to spend on a jacket then get to All Saints PRONTO!

Anyway, after that escapade i went into the lovely Zara and started to look at their new collection, tucked away in a corner i found a gem of a jacket! It was £49.50 which i think is pretty good seeing i'll use it all autumn/winter, it has a sprinkling of studs on the back of the jacket - but its not too over the top.

Sorry again for the craptastic pictures, does anyone know of any decent and not too expensive cameras? I had a look on the Argos website but theres too many and i'm confused! I'd like one thats good for close ups on pictures and takes good videos too! Thanks girlies! xx

Felicity xo



  1. Ive done that before looking at a tag from the wrong thing haha! That jacket looks really nice! Your blog is so pretty i used to be so computerised but i dont know what happend too me haha! xoxoxo

  2. oh so cool! zara is amazing right?


  3. yay for studs!
    made a blog about them last night :D
    i was infashion and didnt even know it!

  4. that jacket is gorgeous, loveee studs and sequins!! xx


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