12 August 2009

Illamasqua @ ASOS

Hey lovelies!

Visiting the ASOS website is a daily occurance for me, i enjoy looking at the new collections and wishing i had an endless pit of money to buy it all! ASOS also have a beauty section, which to be honest i don't often visit, however today i visited ASOS as normal and discovered that they are now stocking Illamasqua products.

In terms of pricing i've found that both the Illamasqua website and ASOS have exactly the same prices for all the products. However if you purchase any goods upto (or over) the value of £75 from ASOS then you get Free Delivery (UK residents only) So if your a big ASOS shopper i'd definately reccomend purchasing some Illamasqua products too!

I'll pop the link below to the Illasmasqua page on ASOS.


I'll be doing a couple more posts today, hopefully!

Felicity xo

1 comment

  1. Thats great as loads of people have had issues with illamasquas delivery! xx


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