10 August 2009

Thanks and Update.

Hey girlies!

This is just a random post, not related to fashion or beauty.

Firstly i want to say thanks to my followers, ok so i'm aware that 11 followers is not like a super amount but everytime i gain a new follower or recieve a comment on a post it makes me smile so much and pretty much makes my day! : )

Also i should be getting a new camera soon, or i might try to reset my digital camera because all the settings are messed up but i need a new camera for Uni so i might as well just buy a new one! So expect new videos/decent quality images soooon!

The third and final point i'd like to make is that i'm an EYKO ambassador now. So feel free to use my discount code - E4320 whenever you order anything simply enter this code and you will get a free gift with your purchase! Good, eh!

I'm hoping to write a review tomorow on the Cheryl Cole Eyelashes and i've got a couple of other posts planned too, so keep your eyes peeled.

Hope your all having a good week!



  1. Aww thats ok :) I feel the exact same aha.

  2. Youve got a lovely blog, youll get plenty of followers hun! xx


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