9 August 2009

Haul - Just a few bits i go from Superdrug and Boots.

Hey girlies!

My first haul! Just a little one but i've been dying to do one for ages. :)

So here goes, this is just a few bits and bobs which i picked up from Superdrug and Boots (UK drugstores for those people who are outside of England). I was going to do this haul as a video but all my family are in and i'd get embarassed! haha

The first thing i picked up was "iFoam" by Soap and Glory. I love the brand, there so fun, humouress and the products smell gorgeous (which always helps!). I payed £2.93 for the product as its on offer at the moment - its meant to be £4.40! I think the whole of the S&G range is on offer at Boots at the moment, so get yourselves down there. So far i'm loving the iFoam and i love it, it smells lush and is really moisturizing.

I'll review this at a later date!

I have really dry/chapped lips at the moment and needed something that would really moisturize and protect them, i watched Gemma's YouTube video on a Blistex lipcare product and thought i'd pick one up as she raved about them. I don't think i got the same one as Gemma but my Superdrug didn't have a wide range of choice, so in the end i chose Blistex Relief Cream Healing. Again, i'll give you an update on this when i've used for a few days. :)

Next up is the Rimmell Vinyl Carat lipgloss in Razzle Dazzle - 250. I've been looking for a cherry red coloured lipgloss for a while and thought i'd give this a try. I love the colour it's a glossy cherry colour, it has a subtle sparkle to it which makes it wearable for the daytime too.

I also got a can of Loreal Elnett hairspray in Normal strength, i love this hairspray it's the best i've tried. It holds my hair in place all day and is easy to comb out too.

After all the hype around Barry M's Pink Flamingo i thought it was time to jump on the bandwagon and try it out. There was only one left in my Superdrug so i quickly snatched it up and i'm dying to try it now! The colour is gorgeous - a neony coral pink. I love it already!

The final product i picked up was a Rimmel Stay Matte face powder in Soft Beige 005. I always put powder on after my foundation to set in and sometimes if i've put a bit too much bronzer/blusher on then i'll put some of this on top to tone it down slightly, it works wonders. I also carry it in my bag at work so i can quickly put a bit on if i'm a bit shiny.

Ok, now for the major crappy picture! I apologize for the quality, if anyone has any camera reccomendations then PLEASE let me know! I'm looking for a digital camerafor around the £100 mark. :)


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  1. Love the i-foam and rimmel powder, good choices! haha xx

  2. Awesome haul - I didnt know you made youtube vids! I was practising in front of my webcam today and decided I am just too uselss in front of a camera to make decent vids. As for the camera I got a £100 one from argos, it's a samsung L313 and is 13.6 megapixels as well as having great focus at short distances (which is great for swatches).



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