13 August 2009

When to leave . . .

Hey everyone!

I'm just looking for a bit of friendly advice from you. : )

I'm going to Nottingham University on 1st October and this week i have to decide when i am going to leave my job at River Island.

So the question is, should i leave work on the 27th September OR the 15th September, if i leave on the 15th September i'm planning to go and live with my sister who is moving into her new flat in Nottingham so i can get used to the city a bit more, and i'd be getting bits and bobs sorted for the big move. At the moment i'm not being given a lot of shifts at work, usually just the weekends, so i wouldn't be losing that much money.
Any comments would be great

Felicity xo


  1. Leave early. Newcastle is amazing and it'll be great to see the city before you start uni. I left for uni as soon as I could (i.e as soon as the contract for my flat started) and it's the best decision I made.

    You don't deserve to be treated like that at work, defo more trouble than it's worth!


  2. Leave on the 15th!! you need time to get accustomed to the city youre going to live in! Plus, if your boss is a bitch, im sure youre desperate to get away! xx


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