14 August 2009

Innies and Outties!

Hey m'lovelies!

I'm in a very chirpy mood today, it might be the fumes from Barry M's Pink Flamingo making me go a bit whacky, but hey ho thats how i roll! : )

Innies . . .

* My hair is growing! When my hair grows an inch or two longer then i'm gonna put my extensions in. :) If i put them in at the moment it looks so fake and skanky - not a good look.

* A/W Collections - I'm loving all the new collections on the highstreet and online, i'm currently eyeing up a rather lush studded bag on ASOS.

* Me fixing my camera! YAY! I pressed a few buttons and as if by magic it's started working again. Now i don't have to spend £100 on a new one.

* Leaving work on 13th September - No more manager from hell! *PART-AY*

* The tax people refunding me £375 because they taxed me too much at work apparently. . .

* University in October - words cannot express how excited i am, bring on FRESHERS!

Outties . . .

* My skin break out - i hardy ever get spots, but when i do there super sore and in the most noticeable place, i'm sure they do it to annoy me. :(

* Not having a MAC nearby. I was so close to ordering online but i want to see the products first.

* Delivery charges, i wish ASOS didn't charge for delivery, thats the one thing that puts me off ordering off there.

* My obsession with magazines - seriously i must spend around £10+ each week on magazines which if you add up each month is a lotta money.

Seeing as i've now fixed my camera you can expect me to be super snap happy!

I'm a twitter-a-holic so feel free to twitter me - www.twitter.com/felicityxo

Felicity xo

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  1. Awh, im loving the A/W collections too, cant wait to get me some studded leather boots!! xx


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