4 July 2009

Hair Extensions

I feel a tad silly writing this as i have zero followers! haha, please follow me if your reading this. :)

I recently had my hair cut similar to Frankie from The Saturdays - http://www.contactmusic.com/pics/lb/mum_of_the_year_2_010309/frankie_sandford_from_the_saturdays_2313504.jpg
but i really don't like it anymore, i feel its too short for me and i just feel so unsexy with it short so i've decided to buy some hair extensions. I optimistically rang Toni and Guy this morning and was shocked when they said they'd cost £550 for three months wear! So that was obviously a no-go for me - i'm a pennyless gap yearer so i need to save all the money i can for Uni!

Anyway, this afternoon i came across a cute website called www.headkandy.com so i've read all the testamonials and they all seem great, the hair seems great quality and also the price seems really affordable too! I'm gonna email them in a few minutes to ask them a couple of questions but apart frrom that i'm pretty sure i'm gonna go ahead and order some.

When i recieve the extensions i will probably do a blog and YT review about them. :)

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