31 July 2009

In and Out #1

I've seen quite a few bloggers posting these so i thought i'd start too. :)


1. Being paid - Seriously, theres no other feeling than logging onto my online banking and seeing a little bit more money in my account. It makes all them long days and awkward customers worth it!

2. Trashy TV - The Hills, The City, Gossip Girl, NYC Prep (my newest obsession) I love them all, i think it'd be great if there was a UK version of The Hills - maybe set at ASOS?

3. Benefit - I've always wanted to try Benefit but i've never been able to afford, so when i got my job at River Island the first thing i bought was some Benefit products. I got Erase Paste (2 medium) and Hoola. I know its not a lot but it was all i could afford!


1. Small feet - I'm a UK size 3 so i find it very hard to find shoes that fit. I practically live in my flats from Topshop but i can't find any other stores which sell shoes for small narrow feet. :(

2. Noireen from Big Brother - No explanation needed.

3. Breakouts - My skin isn't at its best at the moment, i'm gonna try and up my intake of water and see if that help. I hate it when my skins blotchy and spotty.

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  1. Apparently there is going to be a UK version of the hills. Maybe just a rumor though :?

    I love Gossip Girl. They are showing all the episodes from season 1 again on itv2 :)


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