7 August 2009

You Tube

Hey lovelies. :)

Today, after umming and ahhing for a bit i decided to go ahead and record my first YouTube video, scary huh! I just did a little introduction video which took forever to record as i kept messing up - i have so many blooper vids its unreal!

After i finished recording that i decided to make another video for a "Whats In Your Bag" i think originally that was a tag video, but hey i thought i'd just make one regardless of being tagged. : )

The quality of the vids are quite bad due to me recording them on my webcam, i have got a camera but i've lost my charger for it >.< BUT i'm gonna a brand spanking new camera tomorow, so expect high-quality vids from now on! If anyone has any reccomendation for a good camera for vids and photos then please let me know.

One more thing, this morning i logged into my email account and for some reason i checked my spam folder even though i hardly ever check it because i usually get a load of crappy junk emails in there, anyway i saw an email off the HM Revenue and Customs people so i curiously opened the email and they said there going to do a tax refund for me for £344! It was a very nice surprise first thing in the morning. :)

Ohhh and before i forget heres my youtube channel and twitter -



Follow, Comment, Rate & Subscribe please, thanks girls!

Felicity xo

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  1. Hi, thank you for commenting on my blog, means a lot :). Yeah I think Pink Flamingo is now out in stores :)


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