14 April 2010

Review - Revlon PhotoReady Foundation

Hello :)
I know there are tons of PhotoReady reviews already, however i wanted to give my two pence. :)
It seems appropriate to say that one of Revlon's most eagerley anticipated products is the PhotoReady Foundation. Since its release oversee's us British bloggers have been waiting patiently for it to be sitting on the shelves in Boots and Superdrug in all its glory! :)
PhotoReady has now been out for a couple of months in the UK and has had lots of exposure via the media press and through bloggers. So was it just a 'hype' product, or did it REALLY prove itself?
Heres what i think . . .
Firstly, let me give you a bit of background as to what i like in a foundation. My skin is fairly good, i hardly get spots *touch wood ;)* or redness/blotchiness, therefore i don't need a heavy full coverage foundation. When i do use a heavy foundation i find it breaks me out and leaves my skin looking dull.

When i first looked at PhotoReady i was very impressed with the packaging, theres nothing snazzy about it, its just simple yet effective - transparent casing (so you can see the product), a pump to disperse the foundation (such a simple yet amazing feature - minimal mess/wastage!) and a semi-transparent lid (not much to say about this!!).
So, how does it apply i hear you ask! I find a little goes a long way with PhotoReady, i sometimes find that a whole pump is much too much for my skin, so i generally stick to 3/4 of a pump. I apply all foundations, including PhotoReady with my fingers, just because i feel like i'm getting a much more even application, rather than using a brush. This foundation IS buildable, to an extent, however i prefer to not build it up and instead pop a bit of concealer on where needed. At the end, i'm left with a light and dewy finish.
I tried to photograph my face with the foundation on, but thanks to my rubbish camera, it didn't really work! So you're gonna have to look at my beautiful hand instead . . . . the swatch isn't amazing, as i was trying to capture the sparkles in the foundation, i even stood next to a window!

The Glitter Factor!
Yes, we've all heard about it! Some people have been put off by the 'glitter' prescence in this foundation, which i must admit made me a teeny bit cautious, however i find that although there IS a trace of sparkles in the foundation, this does not make you look like you've been rolling around in glitter for an hour! Instead it helps the finish of this foundation to give off a luminous and dewy look.
This foundation will not be everyones cup of tea, for those of you who prefer a full coverage then i'd stay away. Personally i can't fault this foundation, it gives me just the right coverage and i can build it up when i want to. The sparkles are a positive for me, as they make my skin appear more luminious. PhotoReady will most likely be my 'go to summer foundation' and i'd give it 9/10.
Price and Where You Can Buy It From.
I bought this foundation when it was £9.99 from Superdrug, however the RRP is £12.99. Look out for offers though!!!
I bought this foundation from Superdrug. Its also available at Boots and other retailers.
Felicity xo


  1. I haven't tried it on my face but have swatched it in my inner arm, I looked down at my arm and it was just covered in glitter, I still want to try it though because I think it will look excellent in photos.

  2. I've only reached for this once and it was horrible, I should really try and work with it agian x


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