13 June 2010

M.I.A :(

Hello :)
I have a bit of bad news and a quick update/some good news for you!
Ok so, lets get the bad news over with first . . . .
Unfortunately my Mr Sony Vaio has decided to completely break down on me after 4 faithful years, basically it struggles to open any programmes without freezing, and the internet keeps freezing too! So i'm getting it sorted out tomorow, and if all goes to plan it should be spring cleaned and all sorted within a few days, also as its getting a good clean i think the computer technician guy MIGHT wipe everything off my computer, including my blogger pictures! So if my pictures on this blog appear as white boxes with a red X in the corner then you will know why!! *crosses fingers that this doesn't happen*
Enough of the bad news though, some fan-dabby-doozy news is that I HAVE A JOB! :D
*pops party popper*
Oh yes, after weeks of trawling through the Job Centre website and ringing countless shops up in town, i finally got over the
'Sorry we have no vacancies at the moment, but you can bring your CV in and we'll keep it on record'
one liner and managed to set up an interview with New Look, and i managed to secure a job there for the Summer! My contract is only 4 hours but this week i've already worked 20 hours :O Bring. On. Payday.!
Thats all my news i think for now, my next blogpost will be up as soon as i get my lappy toppy back, so its au revoir for now folks! Oh and don't forget you can natter to me on Twitter in the mean time as i will be stealing the 'rents computer for the time being, haha! - http://www.twitter.com/felicityxo
Hope you are all well!
Felicity xo


  1. Congrats on the job! Just found your blog and I love it Also, you have given me hope that my constant trawl of the job centre website may come to an end at some point! Haha xxx

  2. Just found ur blog – so glad I did !
    Please visit my blog with fashion updates/ behind the scenes at my shoot:


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