15 May 2010

Olivia Palermo

Hello :)

Today i'm going to blog about one of my 'style crushes', the *never a hair out of place* Olivia Palermo.

Olivia is mostly known due to her role in MTV's The City, where she plays, sorry . . . works at Elle magazine, most people have a opinion of Olivia . . . generally its a bad one - but you cannot fault the girl's style! She looks flawless almost 24/7 and can make the most casual of outfits look glamorous.

Olivia keeps the colour pallete fairly neutral in terms of her clothes, and then really makes the look pop with accesories.
Exhibit A
If Olivia does inject some colour into her outfit she tends to keep the rest of it toned down, take the picture below for example, as Olivia's top is quite colourful and flirty she made sure to keep the rest simple - a black waistcoat, black shorts, black bag . . . . can you see a pattern?! oh and not forgetting the Marc Jacobs bag, the ULTIMATE accessory! ;)

Exhibit B
Olivia rocks the casual chic look in this outfit. On its own the blue stripy top and bubble skirt may look a bit 'bland', however by adding a statement necklace, and a mac with tiered ruffles and you have an eyecatching yet subtle look.

Exhibit C
Olivia gives a simple dress an edge by simpy adding a masculine style waistcoat, a bold black and gold studded waist belt and a fabulous statement necklace. I'm sure you can see by now, Olivias key rule in styling is - ACCESORIZE! :)

I hope you enjoyed this post, if i'm ever looking for style inspiration 'Olivia Palermo' is the first name i google. :)
Thanks for reading and thanks so much for following my blog - i reached 100 followerss today! :D

Felicity xo



  1. shes so pretty it actually annoys me!
    congratulations on reaching 100 followers!x

  2. Congrats on 100 followers!! I love Olivia Palermo's hair - gorgeous!


  3. she personality lacks a little but she is gorgeous and her style is amazing! and her hair!! OMG gorgeous! x

  4. She's so gorgeous! It's just not fair lol

    Lisa xx



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