27 September 2010

Forget Cloud 9, i'm on Cloud 23!

Hello everyone,
Hope you are all fine and dandy!

Update 22/10/2013

I was recently contacted by Destinology, who have some rather exciting news if you are a huge cocktail fan like me...

Destinology are currently running a series on their blog about world famous cocktails, their origins and recipes. The first cocktail is the classic margarita and Matthew Soares, head bartender at Cloud 23, has helped us put together the recipe as well as some background on the origins of the drink

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Sounds delicious doesn't it?! I've just arrived back from a late holiday to Turkey, and the sound of this cocktail is reminding me of all the tasty cocktails i've consumed over the past week!
A few Saturdays ago i braved the busy train and ventured down into Manchestaaa! The sun was beaming down and it seemed like the perfect day for good food, great company and a whole lotta shopping.
At 2pm we (My mum, sister and i) met my sister-in-law and her mum at The Slug and Lettuce
and had some munchies and drinkies, if you are interested i had the Grilled Chicken Wrap, which was super yummy, with a side order of Chips. I've never been to The Slug and Lettuce before but i really enjoyed the atmophere, the food was lovely and the staff were very friendly too.
After our lunch we had a quick look around the shops including Zara and Urban Outfitters, a lot of oohing and ahhing commenced but unfortunately i didn't find anything that screamed 'Buy Meeee!' theres always tomorow, eh . . .
At 5pm we made our way to the next destination, the infamous Cloud 23. If you are not aware of what the heck Cloud 23 is, then i'll happily divulge some information and my experience there.
Cloud 23 is a luxurious bar situated on level 23 (...hence the name ;)) of The Beetham Tower/Hilton Hotel. At 23 levels high the bar boasts breathtaking views of Manchester with its floor to ceiling length windows. The venue is so indemand that when we went for a sneaky cocktail at 5pm there was already a queue along the lavish red carpet to get in! After a little wait we were ushered into the lift and whisked up to level 23. After my ears had stopped popping we exited the lift and were greeted by a handsome male waiter who showed us to a table with spectacular views of Manchester, we could even see Coronation St from our table, embarassingly that got me a bit giddy . . . or was that the cocktail . . .
the view . . . .

After nearly fainting at the prices of the bevvies we finally decided what our choice of drink would be, we all chose a cocktail each - i chose Cottonpolis which was 'An explosion of fresh English fruit flavour. Spiced Pear and Elderflower play with the citrus tang of Tanqueray Gin. Finished off with a splash of Soda' It came beautifully presented and tasted equally delicious! After finishing our drinks and taking a few snaps we paid the bill and left via the lift we arrived in.

my cocktail . . .

If you are in Manchester i would definately recommend visiting Cloud 23, the prices are quite steep BUT for the view and atmosphere which the venue demonstrates i defintely think it evens the prices out. Admitedly i did hope to bump into some form of celebrity but i guess i was at the right place at the wrong time! :(

My experience at Cloud 23 was fabulous and if you have the opportunity to visit then i'd definately encourage you to go!

So, after a cocktail infused evening we swiftly made our way to Picadilly Station and caught a train back home and back to reality after a taste of the high life (literally!!) . . .

Felicity xo


  1. Wow you look like you had a fantastic time :D x

  2. I love that place so much! The drinks are expensive but so, so worth it!
    The view is amazing at night too xxx

  3. I've been and LOVED it! I want to go back actually, as soon as possible. Great post!

    Sofia x

  4. Aw! sounds lush! I wanna go :) im now following you xo

  5. The photos look amazing! It would so amazing to go there! Lovely post, wish they had something like this in Southampton :( xxx

  6. My friend works there and said it's uber pricey.
    Looks great though.


  7. I went there for my birthday, we had afternoon tea not cocktails though, it was lovely.
    i think we sat at the exact same table as that from the view as well? :) ♥


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