21 February 2010

Style Inspirations

I've seen a couple of these *Style Inspiration* posts floating around so i thought i'd tell you mine.

Cheryl Cole

Oh yes, the nations sweetheart Mrs Cheryl Cole (may not be Mrs Cole for much longer, eh?!)often takes prime position in the *best dressed* or *we want your style!* esque features, and rightly so! With her immaculate make-up, big voluminous hair (spill your secret, Cheryl!) and effortless yet glamorous style we all admittedly love the geordie!

Cheryl's style is rather varied, in the daytime she keeps it quite cool and casual but in the evening she vamps it up and adds the glamour factor . . . . ha ha, geddit?! As Cheryl has quite a petite frame she tends to stick to *cling to me* outfits and is often seen wearing skinny jeans with cute little jumpers/jackets. As our Cheryl is quite small she is hardly ever seen without her beloved Christian Louboutins, which boosts her up a vital extra couple of inches.

At night Cheryl tends to wear to more natural colours which suit both her olive skintone and brunette lockes, although she may surprise us one night and come out wearing a neon yellow dress . . . ok maybe not! She keeps her dresses short-ish, again to compliment her petite frame.
Incase you've been living under a rock and have never seen Cheryl Cole, or would just like to stare at her gorgeousness then i'll pop some pictures here. :)

Kim Kardashian

Kim stars in *Keeping Up With The Kardashians* a show about the Kardashian clan. The relationship between Kim and her sisters, her mum (sorry, mom!) and Bruce makes for great viewing! Deffo watch it if your into trashy reality tv!

Kim's style isn't a lifetime away from Cheryl's, she tends to stick to what she knows best; neutral colours, tailored/fitted shapes and is barely seen without rocking the smokey-eye look.

One of Kim's signiture make-up features is her flawless smokey eye, not only does this ooze instant glamour but i feel it also makes Kim resemble some form of cat . . . which strangely makes her look even more beautiful! Paired with glowing bronzed skin and a neutral lip Kim rocks the glamorous Hollywood look.

Kim pours her luscious curves into figure hugging ensembles with show off her much sought after figure and a bum which is slowly becoming more famous than Kylies! Kim knows how to make the best of her body, and boy does she look hot!

If i had to choose one word to describe Kim's style then i would choose *Classic*. During the day Kim usually team skinny jeans/leggings with basic tops and a structured jacket/blazer on top and not forgetting a pair of sky-scraper heels to parade her long legs! At night Kim turns up the heat a tad and often pouts at the paps on the red carpet wearing strapless dresses and assymetrical one shouldered dresses, which shows off her killer figure!
Below are some pictures of Kim for you to drool over;

I often find myself trying to find at least one teeny weeny flaw of Kim, but to my dismay she seems near enough perfect!

Thanks for reading and if you have wrote a Style Inspirations post or write one in the future then feel free to link me to them. :)
Felicity xo


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  1. Love cheryl coles style shes gorgeous! Ive never watched keeping up with the Kardashians! XO


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