26 July 2011

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish

Hello :)

I know there have been hundreds of Liz Earle reviews in the beauty bloggerspere over the past year or two but i thought i'd throw mine into the mix too.

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From the reviews i've read of this product, i discovered that people use it in different ways. Some people firstly use a make up cleansing wipe to remove their make up and then use the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish as a cleanser on clean skin, whilst some people (including me) simply use the cleanser to remove your make up and to cleanse the skin in one go.

Before i go to bed, (i also use the C&P in the morning to cleanse my face) i take one pump of the cleanser onto clean hands and massage it onto my skin, during this time you will notice that your make up is sort of 'melting' away, make sure you remove your eye make up last, otherwise you will have a black mess of Mascara/Eyeliner/Eye Shadow down your face!

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The next step is to wet the Muslin cloth under warm water (not hot!), then take a section of your Muslin cloth and working in circles to simply buff away all the cleanser and make up off your face. The Muslin cloth also has a micro exfoliating ability, which means you are Cleansing and Exfoliating in one go!

Once your face is make up free, give your face a quick splash with water to remove any of the remaining cleanser from your skin.

What Do i Think?
I have always been a make up wipe kinda girl, so when i started using the Cleanse and Polish i was slightly dubious as to how different the results would be, and would the extra effort be worth it?

I have Oily/Combination skin, so i am prone to the odd flurry of spots now and again, but nothing terribly bad. My main skin concern is redness/uneven skintone. Since using the Cleanser the redness and uneven skintone of my skin has evened out and my skin just looks a lot more healthier.

Instead of rinsing and rinsing your Muslin Cloths out in the sink simply pop them in the washing machine for a quick wash! :)

I will definitely be re-purchasing this, this may well be my HG cleanser. :)

Have you tried the C&P? Do you recommend any other products from Liz Earle?

Felicity xo

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I was sent this product to review courtesy of the Liz Earle PR Team. This does not affect my opinion on the product.


  1. I can't say I've ever tried it! I definitely will look into it now, though, you've made me curious!

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  2. Lovely review! I'm addicted, it's just so easy to use. x hivenn


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