30 September 2011

Bravo VIVO!


Firstly, sorry its been so long since i posted last! I've been on holiday in Salou, then when i got back i got a horrible cold which sent me right off track blog/internet wise! I'm finally getting over this cold now though, so expect to see a few more posts gracing your dashboards and maybe a couple of YouTube videos if i pluck up the courage! Hope you are all well and are enjoying this rather hot weather! :)

I was recently sent a couple of products from VIVO. VIVO are a new cosmetics brand designed by the team behind the purse friendly brand, MUA. VIVO have benchmarked themselves as the 'MAC of supermarket makeup brands' and with that statement, they have a lot to live upto...

Ultimate Base Concealer Kit £5

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The kit holds, one matte setting powder, 2 shades of concealer and a mini highlight/eyelid primer.

I took this concealer palette away with me on holiday when i went to Salou a couple of weeks ago, so i could give it a proper road test! The two shades of concealer are perfect for mixing together to find your desired shade, which was perfect when my skin was more tanned during my holiday. I found the concealer to give a good coverage and the setting powder really helped the concealer to stay put, even in the hot Spanish weather conditions!

The kit also holds a mini highlight/eyelid primer too. The primer enabled my eyeshadow to stay in place for about 3 hours, but unfortunately it started creasing after that. I do have VERY oily eyelids though, and so far i have found that only Urban Decay's Primer Potion will make my eyeshadows stay all day. As i said, the primer doubles up as a gorgeous shimmery highlight, which is lovely to apply on the brow bone, and even on the tops of your cheek bones to give that glowy look.

I'm pretty impressed with the kit as a whole, the two shades of concealers are especially useful and the setting powder really does keep the concealer locked into place!

Trio Eyeshadow Palette £2.50

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I also took this eyeshadow trio on holiday with me, the colours were just TOO pretty to leave looming in my drawer at home! The trio contains 3 fairly pigmented shimmery colours from the green family.

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The 3 greens look lovely when applied to create a green smokey eye, or just a simple wash of colour over the lid - the choice is yours!

VIVO cosmetics are available exclusively at Tesco stores, so the next time you pop in to do your food shopping, why not have a sneaky look at the beauty/cosmetic aisle? A fab incentive if you ask me! ;)

Felicity xo


  1. Hope you're feeling better now!
    I've been hearing nothing but good things about Vivo! I'm looking forward to trying the concealer kit, eyebrow kit, some of the matte shadows and maybe even the lipsticks once I can get myself to a store that stocks it, none of my local Tescos do :( x

  2. OOh i was oh so tempted by this brand when I saw it in my local tesco!
    Wasn't sure about how the quality would be but loved the packaging, and your review has sold it for me!
    I particularly liked the colours of nailpolish, but I think I'll also give the eyshadow kit a go now :) x

  3. We've missed you! xx

    Ps, I'm doing a little beauty giveaway on my blog, you should enter! xx

  4. Your reviews are fantastic, I am such a beauty product noob - i buy lots and then I find that it's no good for me because I didn't look in to it more or ask questions. Will be back to read more of your posts! Thank you for sharing x

  5. These colours are lush. And I am so with Sarah - great reviews!

    Helen, x


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