23 October 2011


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Call me boring, but i'm very loyal to a particular shampoo and conditioner - my ever faithful Aussie Aussome Volume Shampoo and the 3MM, so when i was offered the chance to try out a few bathroom delights from Herbalife, i wondered how they would compare to my usual combo. .

Herbalife Moisturising Shampoo & Conditioner Shampoo £8.50 Conditioner £8.50
This double act claim to 'gently cleanse whilst infusing with moisture and sealing into hair. Hair will shine with vitality!'

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One of my favourite things about this shampoo is the smell, it has a lovely 'clean and fresh' scent, which i love! It made my hair feel like it was getting a really good and thorough cleanse. The consistency of both products is more runny than i am used to, this didn't bother me too much, as the bottles are rather big, however it meant i needed to use a little bit more shampoo to get a good lather on! ;)

Packaging wise, its not bad but its not amazing either. Its simply a bottle with the compulsary labeling, logo and information on. Very simple, but it does the job!

I used the shampoo/conditioner for about 4-5 days and i have to say i am very impressed! I've lost count as to how many products i have used which claim to help seal moisture into your hair, yet have achieved nothing! However the Herbalife Moisturising duo does exactly what it says on the tin (or bottle...) Used together, both products left my previously rather dehydrated hair feeling healthy and shiny!

Herbal Aloe Everyday Shampoo and Conditioner Shampoo £9.70 Conditioner £9.70
The consistency of the shampoo is very similar to the shampoo from the duo above, a slightly runny, creamy feeling product, which similarly lathers up nicely. The conditioner again, feels light and nourishing, and is very easy to wash out.

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Packaging wise, it follows the same design as the Moisturising range above, 2 simple bottles with the obligatory logo and labeling.

I used the shampoo and conditioner together for again around 4-5 days, and really enjoyed using them. Throughout a normal week i use a mixture of Hairspray, Dry Shampoo, Hair Clay, Hair Mousse... i could go on! So it goes without saying that i require a shampoo that can remove all the gunk and get my hair back to a clean, de-gunked condition, and this duo did just that. I feel it helped remove product build up and gave my hair a really nice cleanse.

For more information on Herbalife visit http://products.herbalife.co.uk

Felicity xo

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  1. GREAT review ! Really thourough. I love any products with aloe because they seem more organic and natural. These sound like great haircare products ! x


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