30 October 2012

TAG | Why Do You Wear Make Up?

Hello girls,

I've seen this tag on many blogs, and most recently one of my favourite beauty bloggers Kayleigh. So i thought i'd jump aboard the bandwagon and answer the questions too. :)

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1. When did you begin loving make up?
I vividly remember going throughout the whole of secondary school without wearing a scrap of make up. However, during sixth form i nabbed my sisters 'Sporty Girl' (Who remembers that brand? How retro!) brown mascara and loved how it made my lashes look. From there my make up application developed progressively onto more hardcore items... ;)

When i left sixth form, i moved into a different town, where i knew nobody, so in my copious amount of spare time i discovered beauty blogs and YouTube beauty girls, which is where my real love for make up began.

2. How do you feel without make up?
Without make up on, i feel a bit pale, and not put together. Putting make up on is to me just like getting dressed, without it i would feel a teensy bit naked! There is another slightly deeper meaning as to why i wear make up too. I had a birthmark removed from my face when i was little which resulted in the muscles in the left side of my face not working - so basically the left side of my face is more or less paralysed. So make up just makes me feel a bit better about my face, it gives me that extra bit of confidence which i wouldn't have without make up.

3. What do you like about make up?
I love the transformation aspect of make up - you can wake up in the morning with bags so big under your eyes that you could carry your shopping in them, apply a bit of concealer and you instantly look like you've had the recommended 7 hours of sleep. We've all had mornings like that, right girls?!
I also love how applying a particular item of make up can make you feel so much better about yourself, be it your YSL lippie or that Chanel blush, we all have that one product that once we apply it, we feel a million bucks!

4. Three Holy Grail Items.
1. Like Kayleigh (who i've nabbed this tag from....) i also count the Urban Decay Naked Palette as one of my all time favourite products. I remember the huge buzz about this product when it came out, a palette full of neutrals with a smattering of glitter - definitely deserves HG status! This palette is one i use religiously everyday, it can take you from a neutral daytime eye through to a smokey sultry look in the sweep of a MAC 217!

2. Urban Decay Primer Potion A bit boring and mundane? Maybe, but highly essential for me. I couldn't wear eyeshadow without this product as i suffer from oily eyelids. This primer is a slightly thick formula and dries transparent on your eyelid, it lasts all day on me and allows my eyeshadow to stay intact and creaseless.

3. Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer This concealer has reached cult beauty blogger status, even Nic and Sam from Pixiwoo are raving about it, thats a stamp of approval if i ever saw one! This concealer has a lovely creamy consistency that takes it in its stride to cover them dark circles under your eyes and those pesky blemishes, and at under a £5, its a bargain too!

Have you completed this TAG? Leave me the link in the comments if you have, i love reading these tags! If you haven't completed the tag then why not give it a go! :)

Felicity x


  1. i loved doing this tag too... here is my link http://www.unnakednails.com/2012/10/tag-why-do-you-wear-makeup.html :))

    i need to try this collection 2000 concealer... seen dozens of reviews about it now! xxx

    1. Thanks for reading hun. Definitely try the Collection 2000 concealer, its amazing!
      Will check out your blog later today. :) xo

  2. hahahaha omg i remember 'spoty girl' this made me chuckle. I love kayleighs blog too :) and wow, you are one brave lady, having half your face paralysed is a pretty big deal, it's good that youve found something that makes you feel better about yourself :) I personally have only just started getting the confidence to go out to the supermarket without make up, so i can relate in that way xx

  3. This was such a lovely post to read, I'm super nosey and love knowing why people love make up so much. I love that make up gives us all that little bit more confidence <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com


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