18 November 2012

Essential Items | Urban Decay Primer Potion


Hope you have all had a nice weekend and are nicely refreshed for the upcoming week? I've had quite a relaxing weekend, on saturday i had a thoroughly lazy day where i caught up on a mountain of YouTube videos and read through the backlog of blog posts on my dashboard! Then today i drove into town with good intentions of starting my Christmas shopping... i ended up coming home with a new coat and dress, and bought a grand total of zero christmas presents. Oops!

Anyway, onto today's proper post, all about the lifesaving product that is Urban Decay's Primer Potion.

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Being a gal with oily skin *sob* i have to go through the necessary steps of priming my skin before i apply any make up, otherwise by 1pm my make up has slid all over the place. For my eyelids i use Urban Decay's Primer Potion. This must be my second bottle of the stuff, you ony need a teeny bit and one bottle generally lasts me a year, so every christmas this is on my list to santa! ;)

The primer potion comes in a little squeezy tube, it used to be housed in a bottle which you could stand up which had a 'dabber' applicator *technical term* inside. However this meant that a lot of product was wasted, so this new packaging is great and diminishes any thoughts of wasted product. The tube is a metallic lilac in colour, with a decorative grey top. Altogether, very nice packaging and lightweight enough to transport around too.

The product itself is a neutral beige colour, so when you apply it to your eyelid it dries virtually translucent. The texture is quite tacky too, which allows the eyeshadow/liner you choose to apply to stay perfect and crease-free all day. The primer also helps the colours of your eyeshadow/liner to appear more vivid and have a better colour pay off.

For me, this primer is an essential item. There is no way that i could apply eyeshadows without using it. Once i've applied the primer, i feel confident that my eyeshadow will stay put until i remove it in the evening.

Urban Decay Primer Potion | £14.50
Available from most department stores and Boots.

Felicity x



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  2. I really rate thew squeezy tube for this!! I love it for a night out too! :)
    LaceyLoves x


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