21 January 2013

How To | Washing Your Make Up Brushes


Anyone else having a snow day? Up north we have had a shed load of snow overnight, which was a very pretty sight to wake up to.

Say hello to my back garden...
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During today, i thought i'd get some mundane tasks done, y'know the kind - going through that stack of magazines that have been looming in the corner of the room, tackling your wardrobe into some form of organisation and every beauty bloggers least favourite thing to do.... wash your make up brushes! So, i thought i'd tackle my very used brushes head on and take you along with me! You lucky things....

1. Gather your make up brushes which require a clean.

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2. Fill an old bowl with water (i add a bit of hand wash to mine too, today i used Carex) or use the sink in your bathroom.

3. Dip one of your brushes in the water, then pump a blob of hand wash/body wash on the upper side of your hand and swirl the wet brush in the hand wash/body wash. You will notice your dirty brushes dispersing the dregs of make up onto your hand, genius huh?!

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4. Then simply rinse the brush in clean water to get rid of any soap suds/lather.

5. Give the brush a quick squeeze to get the majority of the water out.

6. Finally, grab a towel and place it on a flat surface, i use my window sill. Then lay your brushes flat on the towel. Remember to reposition the bristles of the brushes, into their usual shape, otherwise they may not dry straight!

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And thats all there is to it, i know people have their own ways of washing brushes, but thats mine. Fuss free, no fancy potions to use, just bog standard washing up liquid/hand wash is fine!

Hope you all had a good weekend!


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  1. This has totally reminded me I need to wash my brushes haha! I just use a Dove cream hand wash to wash mine :) I may pick up a baby shampoo to wash them with though! Lovely post xx



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