5 May 2014

ARK Skincare : Age Aware Skincare // Review

Hi everyone,

On my quest to find the perfect skincare range i have recently been trialling a range of products from a brand called ARK that are totally new to me. There Age Aware Skincare has received many a positive review, so i was very excited to see what they had to offer. I'll let ARK explain what their Age Aware Skincare ranges are all about...

'ARK Age Aware Skincare is prescribed by skin age rather than skin type. There are two main transition periods in the ageing process where there is a dramatic shift in hormone production and a significant change in the way the body functions: late 20s to early 30s and late 50s to early 60s. ARK has looked at the skin externally and internally during these transition periods and divided its skin therapy into three “age appropriate” product lines: Teens to Early 30s (Age Prepare), Mid 30s to 50s (Age Maintain) and 50 & Beyond (Age Repair)' 

As you can tell, they have all bases covered no matter what your age! I was given the ARK Age Aware Discovery Collection, at £28.00 you receive four of the travel size products. The products arrive in a handy little bag which would be great for travelling with. My order also arrived in a rather plush looking gift bag (who doesn't love these?!) 

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I'll be honest, i'm not the hugest fan of face masques. If i'm having a pamper sesh then i'll put one on but i tend to use them more on special occasions rather than say every week. That being said, i did make more of a conscious effort to use this mask more regularly (once a week). My skin at the time of using this masque was being a bit temperamental (redness, blemishes...) and i found that after using the masque my skin felt a lot 'calmer' and i noticed that the redness had reduced too. I've suffered from large pores around my nose for quite some time now and i found that this mask helped them appear a lot smaller, which in turn made my skin look a lot smoother. I think i'll be adding masques into my skincare routine from now on...

I was slightly skeptical of using a new cleanser as i feel like i've finally got my cleansing routine down to a 'T'. The first thing i noticed when using this is how fresh it smelt, no strong sweet scent just quite pure and natural which is always encouraging! I found this cleanser to be very gentle and it didn't irritate my skin at all (Phew!). The cleanser lathered up quite well and my skin felt thoroughly cleansed after each use. After a few uses i noticed that my few blemishes had reduced and my skin felt a lot more calm.

I'm an avid exfoliator and feel that my skin is always looking a whole lot better once its been exfoliated. This exfoliator is quite similar to the cleanser in the sense that it is very gentle, so if you don't like exfoliators that are too harsh or abrasive then this would be perfect. The texture is quite creamy with a few bentonite beads to give you a gentle exfoliation. I'd recommend this to people with sensitive skin but still want to use an exfoliator in their routine. 

I've been using the Origins Ginzing moisturiser since i received it for Christmas, so i was keen to see how this would compare. I was firstly very pleased to discover that this is a non greasy moisturiser which is great news for me as i have oily/combination skin. The moisturiser is very hydrating, and after using it i really notice how soft it leaves my skin. It takes around 2-3 minutes to sink into the skin, which i think is quite good considering it is on the thicker side.

I have really enjoyed using the ARK skincare range and think the whole concept is very well thought out and easy to understand. If you have sensitive skin and prefer products that are rather gentle then i'd highly recommend them. Have you tried or heard of ARK Skincare before?

Felicity xo

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