2 April 2016

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge // Review

I've never really been on board with the whole beauty sponge craze and have happily used my Real Techniques buffing brush, or my hands to apply my foundation with. However, on a recent shopping trip to Boots, i came across the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge and thought i'd give it a go! Most of my brushes are Real Techniques and i have been really impressed with them, so i was excited to see what the miracle complexion sponge would be like.

The product comes packaged in a semi transparent domed plastic case, which is nice as you can see the size and shape of the product. There is the usual description of the product on the front of the packaging and on the back, there is a brief description on how to use the sponge. I found this really useful as i didn't know too much about make up sponges, so this bit of guidance boosted my confidence.

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I decided to try the sponge on a day where i was not rushed and could take my time to understand how to use the sponge to its full potential. So, one saturday morning i ditched my RT buffing brush and tried the miracle complexion sponge instead. I firstly wet the sponge under cold water and squeezed the excess water out so that the sponge was damp. Next, i dotted my chosen foundation (Rimmel Match Perfection) on my face and started to bounce the sponge around my face to blend in the foundation. I wasn't sure whether to use the bounce or drag method. I've seen quite a few people drag or swipe the foundation around their face using the sponge which i believe achieves a more high coverage finish, whereas bouncing the sponge around your face gives a more medium coverage. After the first layer, i found that i needed a bit more coverage so popped on a bit more foundation and used the dragging or swiping method, which really helped build up the coverage.

My initial impression was that the sponge helped to create a lovely dewy finish to my skin and the finish looked more natural in comparison to using my RT buffing brush. Obviously the overall finish is going to be down to the foundation that you are using. This sponge can really give you any type of coverage that you wish for, if you want more high coverage then go for the swiping motion, or if you want a more natural finish simply bounce the sponge around your face to blend in the foundation. Its also worth mentioning that the sponge can also be used dry which gives a more full coverage finish. I did try to use the sponge dry but i found that it didn't blend my foundation as well as when the sponge is damp. The only slight negative about that sponge is that it does soak up a little of your foundation, which i guess is inevitable considering it is a sponge! This doesn't really bother me too much but it does leave the sponge with foundation marks on which i have found near impossible to remove.

The design of the product makes the sponge really versatile. Not only can you apply foundation using the large sides of the sponge, but you can also use the flat side for blending around your eyes and nose and the tip of the sponge is great for covering any imperfections. When i originally purchased the sponge, i though that i would only use it for foundation, however i have also been applying concealer and cream blush and bronzer with it too! I also think it may be quite good for creating a subtle contour with, but I'm yet to try.

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Overall, i have really been enjoying using the miracle complexion sponge and i will continue to use it. For the small price tag of £5.99 you really can't go wrong with this versatile product. I'd be interested to see how this sponge compares to the popular Beauty Blender (£15.99) and if there are any major differences considering that the RT sponge is a third of the price!

Have you used the RT miracle complexion sponge, or the beauty blender? Let me know your thoughts!


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