23 April 2017

Soap and Glory Skincare Favourites

I've never been the type of person who has their skincare regime set in stone. I know lots of people have a morning and evening skincare routine, which they never sway from and i'm always slightly envious! Of course there are brands and products which i love and regularly turn to for skincare such as Liz Earle, Origins and Garnier but i've never been too loyal to them. On a recent trip to Boots, i ventured down the skincare aisle and came across the alluring Soap and Glory section. On a weird merchandising note, i have to say that Soap and Glory's branding is great and the fun pink branding really does draw you in away from the more serious looking skincare. I was on the hunt for a new exfoliator, but nothing too drying or extreme.  I spotted the Soap and Glory Scrub Your Nose In It exfoliator and after a quick read of the bottle, it went straight into my basket.

I've been using the Scrub Your Nose In It alongside the Soap and Glory Face Soap and Clarity face wash for a couple of weeks now and i've really been enjoying using them.

Soap and Glory Face Soap and Clarity £8.00

The Soap and Glory Face Soap and Clarity is described as a 3 in 1 Daily Vitamin C Facial Wash. I use this everyday morning and night, after removing my make up. The face wash is quite thick in consistency and has jojoba scrub beads dispersed throughout. Oh yes, this products not only cleanses your skin but also gives you a gentle exfoliation too! When i use the wash, i always make sure my face is damp beforehand as i feel that this helps the face wash breakdown and foam up a little easier. The face wash is formulated for oily/combination skin, which is one of the reasons why i bought it and i find that it really suits my skin type and leaves my skin smooth and not feeling dry or tight. Since using the product, i've noticed my skin has had no real major breakouts and looks more refreshed and bright! If you like face washes that smell good, then you will be glad to hear that this has a lovely fresh minty smell with a hint of fruitiness which is lovely and refreshing first thing in the morning!

Soap and Glory Scrub Your Nose In It £9.00

I've only been using the Scrub Your Nose In It exfoliator for a week or so, but i'm already head over heels for it. Soap and Glory say that this scrub is super clarifying and helps to exfoliate, clean and purify the skin, lift away pore clogging dead skin cells, soak up excess oils and stimulate oxygen to your skin. Quite big claims there! The exfoliator is a thick turquoise almost paste consistency and comes in a squeezy tube with a screw top - which i love as it means that you can get every last drop out! I've used this twice since i bought it and both times i've noticed that my skin has been a lot smoother and looks more radiant. I use the exfoliator in one of two ways. If i'm just after a quick exfoliation, i will simply exfoliate specific areas of my face and rinse it off. On the back of the bottle, Soap and Glory also instruct a way in which you can use the product as a sort of mask. To do this, you simply rub some of the product on specific areas of your face which you wish to target and leave it for 1-2 minutes. I used the exfoliator in this sense once and found that it gives a more concentrated exfoliation and really purifies your skin. After each exfoliation i always ensure that i use a good moisturiser in order to ensure that my skin is nourished and hydrated after the exfoliation.

I think Soap and Glory skincare can get a little overlooked at times, but i have been really impressed with the two products which i am currently using. I will definitely be checking out anything else that they have to offer when i next fancy a change!

Have you tried any Soap and Glory skincare products before? Let me know any recommendations below!

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